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ILOVED Lawrence Leung’s first show. I can’t re­mem­ber what it was about, but I know I re­ally liked it. I love this one, too— so far. He does psy­chics for tonight’s episode. Isn’t that like shoot­ing fish in a bar­rel?

He be­gins with a funny open­ing mono­logue, be­cause he is a funny guy and so why wouldn’t he? Then he goes to the Mind Body Spirit Fes­ti­val.

Even just walk­ing in he does this small gag you hardly no­tice, where he puts his hands up to his tem­ples to will the self-open­ing doors to open. Stupid, but we’re talk­ing about psy­chics here.

Lawrence de­scribes this event as be­ing like the Big Day Out for New-Agers ‘‘ ex­cept no one’s wear­ing Aus­tralian flags’’.

He does the rounds — past life ther­apy, af­fir­ma­tion scrolls, as­troscan anal­y­sis. I have no idea what any of them are, but one guy tells him he has a fairly big base chakra.

‘‘ Does it make me look fat?’’ Lawrence wants to know.

He winds up in what he calls the food court of psy­chics, where he meets a range of ex­perts and asks them about what lies ahead.

Not es­pe­cially il­lu­mi­nat­ing, no. Quelle sur­prise. But then

Scep­tic: Lawrence Leung he vis­its a for­tune teller named Lynne Kelly and dis­cov­ers a tech­nique called cold read­ing, and af­ter that he de­cides to try a bit of it him­self.

All it re­ally takes is a long, flow­ing head­scarf.

Some of these peo­ple are fan­tas­tic.

One high­light is Lawrence’s meet­ing with Ja­son Betts. He is a ‘‘ Psy­chic of the Year’’ ti­tle holder.

Like box­ing, this

is a

... sport? Would you call it a sport? Let’s go with pas­time that re­lies on big talk, and Ja­son’s full of it.

‘‘ I amaze my­self,’’ he tells Lawrence at the end of a run­down of his skills. Or ‘‘ gifts’’ is prob­a­bly the word Ja­son would use. Lawrence Leung’s Un­be­liev­able ABC1, 9.30pm

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