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PC $79.95; PS3, Xbox 360 $109.95 Out: June 16

★★★★ Set IN the fan­tasy world of Ehb, Dun­geon Siege III tells the story of the 10th Le­gion and their fight against a tyrant and is the quin­tes­sen­tial ac­tion role-play­ing game (RPG).

That’s a good thing as, while the story treads well-worn ter­ri­tory, the com­bat-fo­cused game­play is com­pelling.

In Dun­geon Siege III, com­bat is its own re­ward. Killing en­e­mies gets play­ers loot and ex­pe­ri­ence, both of which help them grow stronger and kill more en­e­mies.

The game gets this cy­cle just right and the sense of con­stantly grow­ing power is one of the core el­e­ments that makes Dun­geon Siege III fun.

The four char­ac­ters avail­able in­clude a witch who favours a com­bi­na­tion of firearms and sor­cery, and a fire spirit who wields staff and flames. Each has a dis­tinct per­son­al­ity and can switch be­tween two stances, giv­ing com­bat a more tac­ti­cal edge.

Play­ers have a huge scope for char­ac­ter spe­cial­i­sa­tion too, choos­ing the strengths and abil­i­ties which suit their play­ing style. How­ever, this is a very stream­lined style of RPG. Play­ers have a lot of choice in how their avatar fights, but not nec­es­sar­ily who they are.

Gamers who like char­ac­ters with depth and worlds that feel dy­namic will be dis­ap­pointed, com­pounded by the stiff, pup­pet-like pre­sen­ta­tion of other char­ac­ters in con­ver­sa­tions.

Thank­fully, Dun­geon Siege III is about com­bat and that as­pect is sub­lime. From eerie woods, where gi­ant spi­ders lurk and beasts dwell, to manor cas­tles in­fested by spir­its and necro­mancers, it’s a joy to hack and slash through this world.

Best of all, co-op­er­a­tive play means that up to four play­ers can head out on an epic quest to­gether.

Re­ward­ing com­bat: Gain loot killing en­e­mies in Dun­geon Siege III.

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