The magic of mu­si­cal theatre turns Glee kids into Broad­way ba­bies

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IV’E fi­nally fig­ured out what Glee’s about. Rachel. It’s all about Rachel. I had no real grasp I don’t think just how driven she re­ally is un­til this episode. I’ve ar­rived at this po­si­tion, a bit late prob­a­bly, af­ter sitting through this week’s sea­son fi­nal.

They’re at the na­tion­als in New York. I feel as if I’ve al­ready seen this, be­cause of all those pics that were around when they shot this, what­ever amount of time ago that was.

You’ll maybe recog­nise that blue dress she wears in her big scene, or one of her big scenes, with Finn, where they have din­ner at Sardi’s and see some­one fa­mous, a big Broad­way star and Rachel gushes and in­tro­duces her­self and so on and so forth. It’s a divine dress. Per­haps the loveli­est she’s ever worn. A bit old for her maybe, but they all dress older in this episode. Not sure why. Some­thing to do with Broad­way?

Peo­ple who are into mu­si­cal theatre will love this episode but I maybe didn’t get all the ref­er­ences. And clearly the magic of Wicked is to­tally wasted on me. Luck­ily Quinn was on hand to talk me through the Cats joke af­ter Rachel buys ev­ery­one tick­ets — it’s been closed for 11 years, she ex­plains to both of us. But for some of you, ex­pe­ri­enc­ing Broad­way, even at this dis­tance, will be a huge thrill.

It’s cer­tainly a thrill for Mr Schuester, who belts out a num­ber on stage with ab­so­lute aban­don, and is justly re­warded. And the other bel­ter is Sun­shine Co­ra­zon — Vo­cal Adren­a­line and their amus­ing coach Dustin Goolsby ( who ad­mits to Mr Schuester he hates his kids and would Glee Chan­nel 10, Wed­nes­day, 8.30pm lit­er­ally whip them if he could) are close by tonight. She’s been get­ting plenty of air­time lately, I no­tice. Or she has been ev­ery time I watch this show.

Which, I ad­mit, isn’t as of­ten as it used to be. It’s lost some­thing, I think. Or for me any­way. The spark’s dimmed. And grow­ing dim­mer. I found this episode quite pale, lovely out­fits not­with­stand­ing.

The glee club are stick­ing with their plan to write their own songs for na­tion­als, and I can only hear so many songs about cups I’m afraid. (Thanks Brit­tany . . . )

But as Quinn points out, in one of her few lu­cid mo­ments in this episode, they don’t need to write songs for na­tion­als — ‘‘ New York’s go­ing to write them for us’’.

Which doesn’t sound that lu­cid but Quinn’s been strug­gling since Finn dumped her. He can’t shake Rachel but is un­de­cided about whether to ask her out? What about her boyfriend Jesse? Who no­body liked last time I checked, pos­si­bly not even Rachel. Teenagers. So many prob­lems.

Rachel’s sec­ond-best out­fit is the one she’s got on when she and Kurt have break­fast at Tif­fany’s. That’s what Kurt calls it, they’re just out­side on the foot­path. Side­walk.

Kurt had never been on a plane be­fore this episode so that’s ex­cit­ing in it­self. He doesn’t sing, so there’s some dis­ap­point­ment for me there too. Dis­ap­point­ment in sev­eral ar­eas.

Me, me, me: As Rachel, Lea Michele isn’t afraid of hog­ging the spot­light. Pic­ture: TONY GOUGH

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