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COWS, ac­cord­ing to An­thony Bour­dain, out­num­ber peo­ple three to one in Uruguay. They — peo­ple — eat meat 10 to 12 times a week.

Bour­dain de­liv­ers these facts in a way that sug­gests they’re slightly star­tling, but I didn’t think they were that big a deal.

I would’ve thought a few of you may eat meat a cou­ple of times a day wouldn’t you? Steak for din­ner, ba­con at break­fast, a ham­burger, spag bol, late-night ke­bab, it adds up. You could get to 14 times a week with­out much ef­fort.

Not to take any­thing away from those Uruguayans though. They do meat in a very big way.

An­thony and his brother, Chris, are on a per­sonal odyssey that takes them south and fi­nally, af­ter some in-house talk about their fam­ily his­tory that bored me stupid, lands them at a mar­ket in Mon­te­v­ideo in front of a huge bar­be­cue.

And the meat . . . many, many types of meat; ac­com­pa­nied by meat.

Chris says he could con­tem­plate spread­ing the blood sausage on a baguette.

An­thony’s re­sponse is he could con­tem­plate spread­ing it on his whole body. It tastes like meat, but with the con­sis­tency of chocolate cake. It does re­sem­ble chocolate cake, but I doubt you’d make that mis­take when you got it in your mouth.

There are some veg­eta­bles — two, I be­lieve. Pota­toes (‘‘Wasted real es­tate,’’ An­thony says) and red cap­sicum.

Or one veg­etable and a fruit. He is com­pletely dis­mis­sive of any­thing that’s not meat. Fair enough. When in Rome, right?

And it’s not just red meat ei­ther. They go out into the coun­try, a few hours north to Lavalleja, where they have one of those nandu birds and their eggs. They’re kind of like os­trich and what­ever colour meat you get off an ar­madillo . . . I think they ate the ar­madillo. I had to fast for­ward through that bit. I’m sorry, tiny bit derelict, but I couldn’t quite watch, he was so cute. No Reser­va­tions SBS One, 8.30pm

Meat feat: An­thony Bour­dain

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