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IHOPE you hadn’t made friends with that cou­ple from wher­ever. That’s al­ways the an­noy­ing thing on these shows — you make friends, then they’re gone. liked so-and-so and her boyfriend/hus­band, based on our brief en­counter when they were shop­ping for flat­packs that are des­tined never to fit to­gether.

I loved that line from that girl dur­ing the first episode as she was watch­ing Jenna and Josh in their au­di­tion de­mount­able, say­ing she’s so ner­vous. ‘‘ They’ve got all this qual­ity fur­ni­ture com­ing in and we’re still build­ing our Ikea stuff.’’

Ikea can’t buy that kind of ad­ver­tis­ing.

Call me sus­pi­cious, but could any more con­tes­tants have left their paint be­hind at Mitre10? Re­quir­ing Mitre10 to be men­tioned in a sen­tence again? And an­other trip back to Mitre10? I had ma­jor, ma­jor con­cerns about how this past week was go­ing to go.

I couldn’t un­der­stand why they weren’t go­ing straight into those boxes in Rich­mond, as op­posed to the ones they’d had pre-built in a ware­house nearby.

What a strange idea. Four days of elim­i­na­tion chal­lenges, shed­ding half the teams on the way? Risky. And point­less.

Isn’t there enough work in those dumps to get a five-

Chip off the old block: Josh. nights-a-week se­ries out of them? Look­ing at them tonight, you’d have to say yes, and more.

The four re­main­ing teams ar­rive on the scene and all they can say is ‘‘ run-down’’ like it’s their med­i­ta­tion mantra.

They’ve just emerged from a slightly bizarre race to see who gets first pick, it re­minds me of one of those Saw hor­ror movies, where the vic­tims are trapped and toyed with to the point where they’re ready to lie down and die.

In the end the win­ning pair can’t go in­side any­way, they have to choose their house from the foot­path.

What about the elec­tri­cals? What if there are no proper bath­room fa­cil­i­ties? And this is just the start of it. The Block Chan­nel 9, 7pm

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