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THE won­der­ful thing about the death of the Aus­tralian film in­dus­try is that peo­ple such as David Cae­sar end up di­rect­ing episodes of Res­cue Spe­cial Ops.

I was go­ing to watch this show tonight any­way, but I sat up in my chair when I saw his name in that spe­cial spot right at the end of the open­ing cred­its.

Goody, I thought, a cameo from Ben Mendelsohn as a semi-em­ployed heroin user.

It opens rea­son­ably strongly, if rou­tinely, with just the right amount of gore.

A per­sonal as­sis­tant and her boss have been ‘‘ work­ing back late’’ when a ‘‘ bird’’ at the win­dow star­tles them. Her leg gets im­paled by the leg of a chair and he hits his head on some­thing.

Or that’s how it looks. He is ac­tu­ally hav­ing a heart at­tack, but she’s mainly wor­ried about how her ca­reer’s go­ing to go if it all gets out.

Her boyfriend, she’s fairly cer­tain, isn’t the un­der­stand­ing type. This isn’t tonight’s ma­jor sto­ry­line, but it’s an ef­fec­tive way into what is — the free climber bang­ing up against the of­fice win­dow, who this pair thought was a bird. The res­cue crew ar­rives to get the chair out of the girl’s leg and at­tends to the boss, then

Guest: Ben Mendelsohn dis­cov­ers the bird/man and two more climbers scal­ing the wall out­side.

Phelpsy is livid. ‘‘ Not free to us,’’ he grumps to Libby Tan­ner. ‘‘ Can’t they find a moun­tain?’’ They’ve got nice back and forth, these two.

Her phone rings later and it’s her boyfriend, hus­band — what­ever he is — and she just lets it ring; couldn’t care less.

She gives it a look that says some­thing, sad­ness, not sure what, be­cause it’s at the end of the episode and some heavy stuff has gone down by then.

This is eas­ily the best episode I’ve seen of this show.

They’ve done a great job with the stunts, the edit­ing, the emo­tional grip it has on us.

And then fi­nally how they leave us at the hos­pi­tal. Res­cue Spe­cial Ops Chan­nel 9, 8.30pm

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