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IWOULDN’T have wanted to watch all of this se­ries of Michael Mosley’s. Even grainy archive footage of mon­keys and dogs hav­ing things done to them — I don’t care if they’re long dead— it’s up­set­ting.

But some­one’s brain that’s been sur­gi­cally re­moved and then thinly sliced like it’s a clove of gar­lic about to be sauteed . . . com­pletely fine.

Mosley calls the brain a lump of grey por­ridge — a dis­gust­ing idea dur­ing por­ridge sea­son and the wrong colour, too. The oats bit I can just about get, but I don’t think it’s the right food anal­ogy.

It’s more of a cheese dish to me. Cot­tage cheese, per­haps.

One of your bet­ter-qual­ity ones.

This is a fas­ci­nat­ing episode, es­pe­cially if you’re bor­der­line or wholly ob­sessed with brains.

And who isn’t, frankly?

Hard not to be. They’re so clever. Dis­pas­sion­ately speak­ing. Ma­jor re­spect to them.

Props, too, to the dam­aged ones, as Mosley says in this episode, whether im­paired through nat­u­ral causes, born with some­thing up, or in­jured in an op­er­a­tion car­ried out by a sur­geon with all the fi­nesse of Dr Nick Riviera (of The Simp­sons fame).

These are the peo­ple whose brains were the pi­o­neers in psy­chol­ogy. You’ll see how tonight. It’s riv­et­ing, un­less you find it creepy.

You might. I will un­der­stand if you can’t sit through this.

It’s not like a cir­cus freak show or any­thing, though.

It’s peo­ple with epilepsy, mainly. And some fab­u­lous re­search. Have you ever come across Henry Mo­lai­son? Amer­i­can dude. Had his hip­pocam­pus sucked out through a tube. De­lib­er­ately.

The doc­tor thought he was cur­ing his seizures. Hard­core story, ab­so­lutely as­tound­ing that it hap­pened in the US. Or hap­pened full stop.

And in 1953! But it led to a ma­jor break­through in find­ing out how our mem­ory works, and what types of mem­ory there are. Into the Mind SBS One, 7.30pm

Brainy: Michael Mosley

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