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WE’RE all hap­pier when Sarah (Lauren Gra­ham) is in a re­la­tion­ship. But gee, it took her long enough to get round to the school teacher, Mr Cyr.

Do you think she calls him Mr Cyr when they’re in bed? I’m go­ing with yes.

He seems nice though ... clearly, it won’t last. Es­pe­cially not now Zeek is in­volved in mak­ing them break­fast. Zeek who is Sarah’s fa­ther. Hor­ri­fy­ing. The wo­man’s 40, for cry­ing out loud.

This is the same man who pre­sented her with a cane in the last episode, to sig­nify just how ad­vanced her age is, and now here he is a week later treat­ing her like she’s a teenager. It’s her own fault, she’s act­ing like one. Move away from your par­ents!

And yet — get this — she’s wor­ried Mr Cyr may be too young for her. I think deep down she re­ally just wants to be sin­gle for­ever.

There are also prob­lems ahead for Alex and Had­die. Or prob­lems right now. Punch­ing that guy out at the party wouldn’t have been an is­sue ex­cept for Alex’s po­lice record.

There was al­ways go­ing to be some­thing wrong with him, be­cause other­wise Had­die’s par­ents’ hys­ter­i­cal warn­ings about him be­ing un­suit­able (old, al­co­holic, not white enough) would’ve just come off as, well, hys­ter­i­cal.

Or worse. They’ll be able to sit back and bask in their smug­ness now. Not a lot to be smug about there though. Adam’s un­em­ployed, and about to go into busi­ness with Crosby, and a big­ger drongo we’re yet to meet.

Most are a bit re­volt­ing though. Ju­lia, the other sis­ter, has started ap­proach­ing strangers for ba­bies.

Although tech­ni­cally they’re not all to­tal strangers — one op­er­ates the espresso ma­chine. Last week, she ran the idea by Sarah. Sarah’s like, no, that’s not in­sane, I mean, she sells cof­fee, she might also sell her baby ... Par­ent­hood Chan­nel 7, 9.30pm

Teacher’s pet: Lauren Gra­ham

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