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TGruen Trans­fer.

‘‘ I think it’s the most fan­tas­tic show,’’ John Lloyd says. ‘‘ I love it. The Gruen Trans­fer treats the au­di­ence at home like grown ups. It’s very QI in that way.’’

QI is a panel game com­pered by Stephen Fry (be­low) in which pan­el­lists grap­ple with tricky gen­eral knowl­edge ques­tions and ‘‘ win points for be­ing in­ter­est­ing, not for be­ing right’’.

Or, as Fry says: ‘‘ It’s about find­ing undis­cov­ered con­nec­tions and see­ing hid­den pat­terns. Like the best com­edy.’’

QI’s curly ques­tions are crafted by a team of eight re­searchers, but Lloyd takes a HE com­edy guru who in­vented QI (Quite In­ter­est­ing), pro­duced Not The Nine O’Clock News and helped cre­ate Black­ad­der has dis­cov­ered a TV pro­gram he can’t stop watch­ing — The

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