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AP­PAR­ENTLY the De­pres­sion has hit Syd­ney, but so far it hasn’t had any dis­cernible im­pact on the brothel-us­ing coke­heads in Un­der­belly.

And that’s a very shiny man­i­cure Tilly Devine (played by Chelsie Pre­ston Cray­ford) is keep­ing up.

I miss Wally Tom­lin­son and I think Kate does, too. She hires some guy called Her­bert Brown — Pal to his pals — to keep her Packard ship­shape.

We’ve seen this through­out this se­ries, es­pe­cially from Kate Leigh. She hires some new guy ev­ery week, then he dis­ap­pears. The main thing he needs to re­mem­ber is Kate comes first, sec­ond and third, she tells him.

But he soon for­gets all that in the face of the new con­sort- ing laws that have ev­ery­one in a spin, and have Tom Wick­ham (Steve Le Mar­quand, un­der-used here) and his bent off­sider Syd Thomp­son spend­ing a large part of their time tonight try­ing to turn the peo­ple clos­est to Kate.

One of these now in­cludes Guido Cal­letti, who’s out of jail and scram­bling for work. Has he heard of Al Capone? Kate asks him.

Mean­while, Tilly’s main­tain­ing her divine wardrobe, in­clud­ing a par­tic­u­larly lovely yel­low blouse she de­buts at a tense re­union din­ner with her par­ents that ends in threats of vi­o­lence.

Many of Tilly’s fam­ily en­coun­ters wind up badly, it doesn’t seem to mat­ter how beau­ti­fully dressed she is.

Her mother is played by Denise Roberts. Kate and Tilly both face mother is­sues tonight. Tilly had gone to Eng­land to evade go­ing to jail, and wanted Jim to go, too, but he’d rather cut his own leg off. He also had their busi­ness as a con­ve­nient out. Tilly re­ally is as dumb as a stick some­times. But Jim’s a pig. Un­der­belly: Ra­zor Chan­nel 9, 8.50pm

Chic: Chelsie Pre­ston Cray­ford

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