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THIS isn’t good. Siob­han’s hus­band just called her Bridget. Which is her name. It’s just that as far as he knows she’s his wife Siob­han. Bridget and Siob­han look the same, on ac­count of be­ing iden­ti­cal twins, both played by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Tremen­dous re­lief any­way – that was just a dream. But the day will come when An­drew Martin (Ioan Gruf­fudd) is go­ing to turn to his wife and start ask­ing ques­tions. Surely. He can’t be that dumb. Can he? He’s some sort of hot fi­nance dude and, even al­low­ing for the shape the US econ­omy’s in, he’s still got his place at the Hamp­tons and one in Man­hat­tan for week­day liv­ing and the cars on tap and what about Siob­han’s wardrobe? Which some­how fits Bridget, Bridget who by rights should be about 15kg lighter, thanks to her choice of life­style. She’s on the straight and nar­row now though, with a fake happy mar­riage and a fake preg­nancy, things couldn’t be bet­ter. If you don’t count be­ing on the run from the FBI.

OK, Ringer isn’t Chekhov. I don’t re­ally like Chekhov any­way. Three Sis­ters makes me want to put my head in the oven. But I can’t see this turn­ing out like that. So far only the cops and Bridget’s 12-step spon­sor Mal­colm even know there are two sis­ters. But at some stage when some­one has a se­cret like this, on a TV se­ries like this, you have to tell other peo­ple. And tonight, Bridget – away for the week­end with An­drew and their al­leged best friends Henry and Gemma – has reached this point. Siob­han was sleep­ing with Henry be­fore she died. Not that she’s dead. She’s liv­ing in a ho­tel suite in Paris and up to no good. Rea­sons un­known. But Ringer isn’t the type of show where I’m go­ing to ex­pect all things ex­plained to me. Ringer Chan­nel 10, 9.30pm

Dou­ble: Sarah Michelle Gellar

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