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IN­TER­EST­ING to hear a psy­chic quot­ing Que Sera Sera tonight be­cause I ac­tu­ally thought the fu­ture was theirs to see. ‘‘ What­ever will be will be,’’ Heidi (psy­chic medium, healer, em­path) says in a re­signed tone of voice as she faces the prospect of not mak­ing the fi­nal of The One. I’ll be crushed if she goes, she’s al­ways been my favourite. They’re slug­ging it out tonight — An­drew Daddo ac­tu­ally says slug­ging, which I like, it makes it sound bru­tal, which it isn’t — to make the top three, but ap­par­ently the win­ner of next week’s fi­nal is voted by us. Or you re­ally. Is this how these things are ar­rived at?

Af­ter all that, the de­ci­sion about who’s Aus­tralia’s best ‘‘ all-round psy­chic’’ is just left to ama­teurs? An­drew asks Stacey and Richard at the start tonight if they’re com­fort­able with the fi­nal four. Stacey says ab­so­lutely, the 10 were ‘‘ very, very com­pe­tent and bril­liant’’. I’mused to the hy­per­bole now. The pitch they give Nor­folk Is­land’s haunted house later is like a tourism cam­paign.

But first they’ve got to get through the gru­elling cof­feecup read­ing round. Uh huh. Could be from the vibrations from the cup, An­drew says— I don’t even know what that means — could be en­light­en­ment from the spirit guides, could be sym­bols in the cof­fee foam. The high­light is clearly the road trip to Nor­folk Is­land.

Sarah, the wo­man who lived in the house, has been dead for 143 years, but that doesn’t stop Heidi from hav­ing a near break­down when she walks in. She turns to her em­path skills.

‘‘ Which means I al­low the en­ergy to con­nect into me. It can be­come all en­com­pass­ing to the point where I ac­tu­ally can hear her thoughts,’’ she ex­plains. ‘‘ It’s al­most as if Sarah wants me to feel what she was feel­ing.’’ Al­most. The One Chan­nel 7, 7.30pm

Fi­nal One: An­drew Daddo

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