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MEL­BOURNE has been evac­u­ated and now it looks like Bris­bane af­ter 9.30 at night. The ex­clu­sion zone is 5km, which doesn’t sound like enough to me. Of course, Leon is of the view that a lit­tle bit of ra­di­a­tion is good for you.

I wasn’t go­ing to write about Rush again, not two weeks run­ning, but this is the last episode. Maybe the last ever, let’s just see how the bomb goes. We didn’t get a look at the ac­tual de­vice last week, only that dra­matic mo­ment when the guys opened the back of the truck and went, ‘‘ uh oh’’ to Kerry back in the of­fice. Kerry barely leaves that of­fice. I would’ve thought just the prox­im­ity meant she and Leon had had sex by now and been filled with self-loathing ever since. But then, I’m glad this show has avoided a lot of cliches the oth­ers haven’t.

We see the bomb tonight, but we don’t re­ally need to. The guy from the bomb squad talks us through it in vivid de­tail. ‘‘ We’ve cal­cu­lated there’s about one-and-a-half ki­los of ra­dioac­tive plu­to­nium stacked in the cen­tre, and it’s sur­rounded by about 1.3 tonnes of sem­tex ex­plo­sive, which ex­plains why none of us are wear­ing the blast suits,’’ he tells the po­lice min­is­ter. Char­lie looks at her in hers. ‘‘ You must be im­por­tant,’’ he says. She’d in­sisted on a tour of the site and Char­lie sus­pects she’s just us­ing it as a photo op. ‘‘ That’s a dis­grace­ful thing to sug­gest,’’ she says, puffed up with in­dig­na­tion. Mean­while, Shan­non, Law­son and Chris­tian are on their way to Fiji to bring back Kenta Tomi, the end user of the bomb, as Char­lie calls him, to face the mu­sic. Chris­tian’s ‘‘ I don’t have a pass­port’’ ex­cuse doesn’t wash with Kerry, and he gets to bore Shan­non (Jo­lene An­der­son) with a lot of talk about his manlove for Je­sus on the flight. Rush Chan­nel 10, 8.30pm

Fiji-bound: Rodger Corser

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