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SO when Adam Hills in­tro­duces Spicks and Specks tonight as the mu­sic show that wants to go out on a high note, I as­sume he’s just talk­ing about the rat­ings. The rest of it feels more tired than Kiss af­ter the end of their lat­est farewell tour. I don’t dig this show but re­spect to them, then, for shut­ting it down. Doesn’t hap­pen nearly of­ten enough.

This isn’t a big Fi­nal Count­down pro­duc­tion num­ber here. There’s no gal­vanis­ing high­light like when Molly Meldrum took his hat off. Adam keeps his pants on. It’s as lowkey a farewell as you’ll see. I don’t know how fans are go­ing to feel about that. Geoffrey Rush, some stream­ers at the end, no­body cries. Oh, there are more guests than just Rush, but he gets the most air time. And I guess he’s the big­gest, if you mea­sure big by tro­phies. But if you equate suc­cess with lus­cious hair, then you’re go­ing to be pretty happy with Barry Mor­gan from the World of Or­gans and his per­for­mance on his Ham­mond or­gan. Or in­deed Brian Man­nix and the Un­canny X-men. Brian reck­ons peo­ple tell him he looks like Mar­garet Thatcher. Un­less the hissy ex­change be­tween Dar­ren Hayes and Adam Richard gets the most air time. It’s pos­si­ble. I feel like go­ing back now and tim­ing it, but that would mean sit­ting through it again.

The lineup, you’ve prob­a­bly worked out, is made up of reg­u­lars. Peo­ple such as Dave O’neil, Ella Hooper, Shane Bourne, Me­gan Washington, Jimeoin, Denise Scott, Richard Gill, Amanda Keller, Tommy Dean. Hamish and Andy in­tro­duce the show, we learn that Dan Sul­tan re­ally likes Se­rial Killer Sun­day, Brian Cadd tells a funny anec­dote about play­ing Santa. It’s al­most the yarn of the night, and it’s just about buried. Hardly mat­ters now I ’ spose. Spicks and Specks ABC1, 8.30pm

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