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THERE are never any guar­an­tees with any­thing, you would know that by now, but a show on one of the multi-chan­nels af­ter the rat­ings are over, at 10.30 at night, well, you’d like to think we’re go­ing to see how it ends. Very emo­tional is how it ends. If they’d got a lit­ter of kit­tens and threat­ened to do some­thing to them, it couldn’t be more ma­nip­u­la­tive. Hard to go wrong with death, as themes go. Or that’s what you’d think. But Chan­nel 9 put Six Feet Un­der in ba­si­cally this same time slot when the show first ran al­most 10 years ago and it tanked. Tonight, Claire the high school stu­dent daugh­ter has just had crys­tal meth when she finds out about a sud­den death in the fam­ily. It’s a funny scene though, her try­ing to keep it to­gether while still en­joy­ing her high. Her mother is a mess, she’s hav­ing an af­fair with her hair­dresser, her brother Nate is com­ing home from Seat­tle where he’s a part­time hippy, and the other son David is a clos­eted gay who works in the fam­ily funeral busi­ness and hates it. They’re lucky they have ac­cess to un­der­tak­ers — the death hap­pened on Christ­mas Eve, not con­ve­nient. Nate meets a girl on the plane, and flirts with her, her name’s Brenda, and when there’s no one at LA to meet him, she says, ‘‘ I’ll give you a ride’’, and next thing we know they’re in an air­port broom cup­board get­ting it on. And who plays Brenda? Rachel Grif­fiths.

Alan Ball wrote and di­rected this. It’s his se­ries. Also his: Amer­i­can Beauty, True Blood.

David is played by Michael C Hall. You’ll know him as Dex­ter. Nate is Peter Krause, Adam in Par­ent­hood. Frances Con­roy is their mother, cur­rently Moira in Amer­i­can Hor­ror Story and Toni Col­lette’s mother-in-law in United States of Tara. So we’re not muck­ing around here. Six Feet Un­der 7Two, 10.40pm

Flirty: Rachel Grif­fiths

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