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BEN’S right: hav­ing the po­lice come to your house on Hal­loween would make it harder to sell. Hav­ing that girl who was blud­geoned to death with a shovel and buried in con­crete in the back­yard with a gazebo as her head­stone turn up at the front door prob­a­bly wouldn’t help ei­ther. That was her at the end of last week’s episode, just stand­ing there on the step look­ing pale when Ben (Dy­lan Mc­der­mott) opened the door. Hay­den: the 21-year-old that he got caught by his wife Vivien — and I’m quot­ing her here—‘‘pile-driv­ing’’ in their bed. Hay­den, of course, fell preg­nant, and af­ter an in­ter­val so did Vivien. But if you’ve been watch­ing Amer­i­can Hor­ror Story — and if not, what’s wrong with you — you’d know that Vivien’s baby is more Rose­mary’s Baby than Ben’s baby.

Vi­o­let, their daugh­ter, was about to be grabbed by the gimp who lives in the at­tic when things were wind­ing up last week. I imag­ine he’s the one who im­preg­nated Vi­o­let’s mother, but you just don’t know with this house. Is he dan­ger­ous or noth­ing to worry about? Hard to know for sure, but the way the nurse fainted when she saw Vivien’s scan last week wasn’t en­cour­ag­ing.

It’s al­ways a prob­lem when the peo­ple you’ve mur­dered don’t die. Ben thought he’d dealt with Hay­den and here she is. Now he’s got what he thinks are neigh­bour­hood kids smash­ing the Hal­loween pump­kins. Care­fully placed by Chad and Pa­trick, the dead cou­ple who used to own the house, and were mis­taken by Ben and Vivien as the pair sent by Marcy the real es­tate agent to fluff the rooms so they can sell the mur­der house. That’s what it’s called on the Eter­nal Dark­ness Tour: ‘‘ Mur­der House’’. Don’t know if Marcy should men­tion that in the ads. Amer­i­can Hor­ror Story, Eleven, 9.30pm

Caught: Ben (Dy­lan Mc­der­mott).

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