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POOR vic­tim. Dead be­fore the cred­its have fin­ished. On the other hand, she did wind up dis­played in a pretty gar­den, look­ing like an ex­hibit at the Chelsea Flower Show. Blow to the head killed her. Wasn’t bore­dom af­ter all.

DS Hath­away, mind­ful of the fact the au­di­ence may have been born in the 1900s, de­scribes the dead girl as a de­ceased damsel. Or per­haps it’s for Lewis’s ben­e­fit. Lewis ap­pears de­feated by life. He doesn’t know yet that Dr Hob­son was out at din­ner last night with a much bet­ter look­ing guy, and when Hath­away saw them Dr Hob­son looked to­tally busted. She’s been weird with Lewis all day. Lewis re­marks Hath­away seems up­beat. Of course he is. Hath­away lives for mur­der. He’ll prob­a­bly start killing peo­ple him­self, just to have some­thing to do.

As­sum­ing any­body’s left. This is as bad as Mid­somer Mur­ders. In ev­ery sense. The girl who dies at the start was part of a drug trial be­ing run by a shrink who also has a piece of the patent. These kids were be­ing given ke­tamine as an anti-de­pres­sant. Sounds like a

Dumb: Lewis (Kevin Whately) bit of fun, but no­body looks happy. Apart from Hath­away. Maybe the girl topped her­self and that rock was in the way.

Sad kids high on drugs doled out by a ma­nip­u­la­tive psy­chi­a­trist and his doe-eyed as­sis­tant: I’m lik­ing ev­ery­one as a sus­pect. They’re in a big old build­ing so you don’t have any rea­son not to ex­pect more from this episode. It’s too long, and silly, and heavy-handed.

It also makes Lewis (Kevin Whately) look dumb. Or maybe this was the most re­al­is­tic part— he’s the DI but it’s Hath­away, a DS (Lau­rence Fox) who knows what’s go­ing on. All Lewis was wor­ried about was Laura Hob­son and OMG does she like me? Lewis Chan­nel 7, 8.30pm

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