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BOOK me a flight to Florida. But not for the sun­shine, the cut-price con­do­mini­ums or the cock­tails with those lit­tle pa­per flamin­gos.

Even though that all sounds nice.

Af­ter watch­ing The Glades, star­ring Aus­tralia’s own Matt Pass­more, I’m ready to pack my bags and move. And no, this is not one of those creepy fan mo­ments.

You see it’s all in the de­tail of this episode, A Per­fect Storm, where the fic­tional Glades is bunker­ing down for a cat­e­gory 4 hur­ri­cane.

I’m no cy­clone chaser, but if the writ­ers of this se­ries are to be be­lieved, even at 100 per cent hu­mid­ity, the women in this town have pin-straight per­fect hair.

No frizz, out-of-con­trol manes, just fab­u­lous glossy locks.

And that’s what you want in a hol­i­day desti­na­tion, right?

(The fact that so many mur­ders hap­pen here may be a slight de­ter­rent for some, but this ain’t Dis­ney­land, folks).

Yes, there are parts of this



pure pro­gram es­capism.

Like the lan­guage, which is so far re­moved from how real peo­ple talk it’s best to just go with it or you’ll spend the hour scream­ing ‘‘ crikey’’ at Pass­more’s fluc­tu­at­ing ac­cent.

And the less said about the cheesy one-lin­ers his co-stars are forced to ut­ter the bet­ter.

It starts when this episode’s first vic­tim, Va­lerie Raines, is found.

‘‘ You’re telling me you found a body called Raines dur­ing a hur­ri­cane?’’ the love in­ter­est nurse asks.

It’s go­ing to be one of those nights. The Glades, Chan­nel 10 8.30pm

Ac­cent: Matt Pass­more

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