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HAPPY End­ings is the lat­est en­try in the group-of­cool-friends ex­pe­ri­enc­ing life and love sit­com genre. As a show it def­i­nitely has some po­ten­tial. Un­for­tu­nately, that po­ten­tial is ob­scured by a script that has been worked to death – in which ev­ery line is a snappy, over-writ­ten zinger.

Tonight’s episode, the sec- ond chrono­log­i­cally, Quick­sand Girl­friend. is The

Main man Dave (ap­par­ently left at the al­tar re­cently by Alex) meets a girl at a bar and they have a one-night stand. Dave (Zachary Knighton) is then un­will­ingly sucked into a re­la­tion­ship and ev­ery time he tries to end it, some­thing un­ex­pected but not par­tic­u­larly hi­lar­i­ous in­ter­venes.

Cool guy Brad ( Da­mon Wayans: The Next Gen­er­a­tion) quips: ‘‘ Dam­mit Dave, you’re stuck in chick­sand.’’ Straight­seem­ing gay guy Max (Adam Pally) re­torts: ‘‘ C’mon man, you’re bet­ter than that’’ – as if chan­nelling the script editor’s com­ment to who­ever wrote it. How­ever, as the line gets re­peated about six times, ap­par­ently the writ­ers quite liked the gag.

Mean­while Penny

(Casey Wilson) de­cides that her friend Max isn’t gay enough and what she re­ally needs is a ‘‘ stereo­typ­i­cally flam­boy­ant car­toon­ish Sex and the City gay’’ (Max’s words, not hers). Alex (Elisha Cuth­bert), who could be from an en­tirely dif­fer­ent sit­com judg­ing on how well she’s in­te­grated into this episode, searches for a new flat­mate, even though it’s clear her poor per­sonal judg- ment will lead her into trou­ble. Hap­pily, by the end­ing of the show, I was amused, even though the char­ac­ters never get enough space to de­velop. But hav­ing some po­ten­tial puts it a long way ahead of most sum­mer fill-ins. Happy End­ings Chan­nel 7, Thurs­day, 8.30pm

Trou­ble ahead: Elisha Cuth­bert

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