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WHEN Molly Meldrum flew to New York to in­ter­view Bey­once Knowles re­cently he didn’t re­alise the fuss he was set to cause. The soul su­per­star, mar­ried to rap­per Jay-z, had an­nounced in Au­gust she was preg­nant. Meldrum had in­ter­viewed Knowles when she was a mem­ber of Des­tiny’s Child. Her fame had gone to a whole new level since then. Time for a catch-up. ‘‘ I never re­alised what a drama that would cause,’’ Meldrum tells view­ers at the start of Mas­tered by Molly. The in­ter­net went into over­drive when Chan­nel 7’s Sun­day Night aired footage of Knowles sit­ting in a chair op­po­site Meldrum be­fore the start of the chat. Peo­ple said it looked like her preg­nant tummy caved in as she sat. Fake, fake, screamed the Twit­terati. Knowles had been ac­cused of wear­ing a fake baby bump when she first re­vealed her preg­nancy. MTV’S Mas­tered by Molly ac­knowl­edges the bizarre spec­u­la­tion but chooses to con­cen­trate on the in­ter­view (pre­sum­ably Seven owns the rights to the tummy footage). Meldrum ad­mits to Knowles he didn’t pre­dict she would emerge as a ma­jor solo star. ‘‘ I’ve al­ways dreamed big,’’ Knowles says as a way of ex­plain­ing her rise. She worked hard and her fan base grew. Meldrum pays Knowles the ul­ti­mate com­pli­ment, com­par­ing her with Michael Jack­son. Knowles tells Meldrum she took time off when she was 26 to re­assess her ca­reer. It was time for a change-up. Time to grow. Af­ter a se­ri­ous of rather in­nocu­ous ques­tions about the price of fame, Meldrum men­tions the preg­nancy. ‘‘ There’s a tick tock in there that’s go­ing to change your life,’’ Meldrum ob­serves. If only he’d re­alised what was set to ex­plode. Mas­tered by Molly: Bey­once MTV, 6pm

Big fuss: Molly Meldrum

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