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THE only thing bet­ter than tonight’s episode of The Straits is next week’s episode of The Straits. I ac­ci­den­tally watched it af­ter the end of this one, when some­thing cru­cial takes place and I found I was not able to func­tion with­out see­ing what hap­pens next. It is quite a de­vel­op­ment and the best bit: I didn’t see it com­ing.

What a won­der­ful sur­prise this show has turned out to be. Like find­ing a $50 note in the back of a taxi af­ter a ter­ri­ble ride, which hap­pened to my friend the other day. Bril­liant.

So now Noel’s do­ing time. Yes, we are all do­ing time, I re­alise that, I mean Noel’s in jail. And Harry, more or less re­cov­ered, wants him out. Noel made the un­bri­dled con­fes­sion to torch­ing the De­mon Cheaters’ club­house with a flamethrower, which the po­lice now have. It is Bon­nie Doon’s fu­neral tonight, the De­mon Cheaters’ pres­i­dent who was in­side the place at the time.

When I say Harry’s more or less re­cov­ered, I mean cof­fee does not taste the same. But re­ally, over­all, for a man who was shot in the head, Marou’s in a sim­i­lar po­si­tion. I’m not en­tirely sure how long the De­mon Cheaters held him, and what ex­actly they did to him, but that was some ar­ray of tools they had spread out on the bench. Marou’s view of his ex­pe­ri­ence: ‘‘ I met the an­gels and they sent me back.’’ His brother Gary’s view: ‘‘ The DCS messed you up.’’

Marou and Gary (Fi­rass Di­rani) are try­ing to get as many deals go­ing as pos­si­ble tonight, to re­coup some of the money out­laid on Noel and Marou last week.

Harry has all sorts of wild ideas on how to re­group. ‘‘ Some­times,’’ Kitty (Rena Owen) tells him tonight, ‘‘ I think I pre­ferred you un­con­scious.’’ She cannnot mean it. The Straits ABC1, 8.30pm

Deals: Jimi Bani as Marou

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