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LIKE the sea­soned veteran that it is, The Footy Show is pre­par­ing for an­other gru­elling year, and for the show’s big­gest star, Sam New­man, that means an­other sea­son of ques­tion­able stunts and no doubt the odd con­tro­versy. The good news for fans of Chan­nel 9’s footy sta­ple is that New­man says he is up for any­thing the year has to of­fer. Had a hard pre-sea­son? Oh yeah. Been flat out. Check­ing out all the new sides. What have we got? One more side this year? Pour­ing over spread­sheets of all the play­ers. Run­ning my eye over the new re­cruits from farflung cor­ners like Botswana and China . . . Se­ri­ously though, do you have to get in shape for a show like The Footy Show? Hey, I have to stay in shape for civil­ian life. It’s not easy be­ing me. Cars are driven at me, mis­siles are hurled at me, in­vec­tive is aimed at me. So far no-one has shot at me, but the book is still open on that one. I’m wear­ing a bul­let­proof vest now, I have been wear­ing it all sum­mer, which is not much fun when it’s all hot and sticky. What about the phys­i­cal stuff, div­ing off the high board . . . can­we­ex­pect more of that? Shane (Craw­ford) is too ver­ti­cally chal­lenged to do that, and has a shorter dis­tance to fall, so there is no chal­lenge there. It’s up to me to get on the tightrope. What’s with thero­man clob­ber in the pro­mos? Well, I was there of course for the first Olympics ever, so they thought it might be nice to recog­nise that. You’ve been on The Footy Show­longer than you were at the Gee­long Foot­ball Cub, do you find it as en­joy­ablenowas you did at the be­gin­ning? That’s right, I have been here longer than Gee­long and who knows where I have had the most suc­cess, although I made the Team of the Cen­tury at Gee­long and I’m not sure I would make that here at Nine. In all se­ri­ous­ness though, I do en­joy it still be­cause of the peo­ple I work with. In the start it was Eddie (Mcguire) and Trevor (Mar­malade), and now it is James (Brayshaw) and Garry (Lyon) and Shane, and it’s still a de­light. You fa­mously walked out of ra­dio sta­tion­mtr (be­fore it went off the air). Could you con­ceive a cir­cum­stance where you might walk out on The Footy Show? Tim­ing is ev­ery­thing. If you jump out first you look to be lead­ing the pa­rade rather than be­ing booted out of the back door, so rest as­sured that if I see the writ­ing on the wall with The Footy Show I’ll be lead­ing the pa­rade. The Footy Show Chan­nel 9, Thurs­day, 9.30pm

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