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HOW of­ten do you hear peo­ple talk about how much smart­phones have changed and im­proved their lives?

It’s un­likely you’d have heard it from a celebrity or some sort of public fig­ure. In the past, an ac­tor could safely as­sume the only time they were be­ing filmed was on set. That’s no longer the case. Just ask Lara Bin­gle.

Af­ter play­ing Hur­ley on the hugely suc­cess­ful Lost, Jorge Gar­cia knows what it is like to be a fan favourite. For de­voted fans it used to be about get­ting an au­to­graph, to­day it is about land­ing that pic you can then Tweet and post on Face­book.

‘‘ I was at Dis­ney­land and my girl­friend and I had a small ar­gu­ment. As she walked away from me there were two women af­ter me for a picture,’’ Gar­cia says. ‘‘ I was like, sure why not, then I had to try to fig­ure out where my girl­friend went.’’

For the most part Gar­cia takes the at­ten­tion from fans in the spirit it is in­tended.

‘‘ The tech­nol­ogy

to­day means ev­ery­one has a cam­era on their phone, so that means the op­por­tu­nity for them to get a photo is there ev­ery time you go out,’’ he says.

Gar­cia played Hur­ley on seven sea­sons of Lost.

Af­ter be­ing a sta­ple on TV screens for so long he was keen to take a break.

‘‘ I def­i­nitely felt that I was pre­pared to take some time be­fore I worked again be­cause who knows when the next thing will show up,’’ he says.

The prob­lem for Gar­cia was that next job ar­rived far quicker than he thought, and the per­son of­fer­ing the job meant turn­ing it down was out of the ques­tion.

The role was Dr Diego Soto in Lost cre­ator JJ Abrams’ new se­ries Al­ca­traz.

‘‘ Be­cause I’m a fan of what he does, he’s a guy you make your­self avail­able for,’’ he says.

What Abrams does best is sci­ence fic­tion and Gar­cia be­lieves the key to Abrams’ suc­cess is that his sci-fi shows are about char­ac­ters, not spe­cial ef­fects. Al­ca­traz, Chan­nel 9, Mon­day, 8.30pm

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