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IMAG­INE some­one’s kept a count of how many times London’s been in grave dan­ger of be­ing blown up by a nu­clear bomb on Spooks. It’d be in the range of a lot.

Tonight I, and in­deed you, might’ve thought last week’s mur­der of Tariq was go­ing to be the fo­cus of this episode, but in fact the ‘‘ un­sta­ble ra­dioac­tive ma­te­rial’’ which is picked up via a ran­dom air­port screen­ing is the ma­jor plot. The key word here is ran­dom: it’s all over by the end of the show and doesn’t drive any­thing for­ward. And I was on the side of the criminals. Only Calum, one of the new agents, gets to fol­low up what hap­pened with Tariq — the lap­top, what he was look­ing at on the CCTV cam­eras when he died — nat­u­rally this is where the story is. But you’re go­ing to have to pre­tend to care about the ra­dium 226, or you’re not go­ing to be able to get through this episode. There is some ten­sion at this stage of things, though, be­cause we’re not sure who’s go­ing to get out the other end alive. You’d have to guess Harry (Peter Firth) will make it through the se­ries and then die. But some of those younger

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