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INI­TIALLY, I am look­ing at Chris for the mur­der, the one who said the botan­i­cal gar­dens were too ex­pen­sive for a wed­ding venue. I have seen Four Wed­dings, get­ting mar­ried can make you do un­ex­pected things. Such as stand on top of a build­ing in Man­hat­tan and shoot your fis­cally ir­re­spon­si­ble girl­friend.

But then Rick Cas­tle (not an ac­tual homi­cide de­tec­tive) comes up with this in­cred­i­ble the­ory that saves the po­lice hours of fruit­less leg­work: what if she was shot at ran­dom?

And then Kate Beck­ett demon­strates how she got to be a de­tec­tive: ‘‘ Cas­tle, we need to find that pa­per doll,’’ and the case prac­ti­cally solves it­self. Or al­most: the shooter be­gan the episode as a marks- man ca­pa­ble of killing a per­son walk­ing along a street al­most half a kilome­tre away, but lost that skill as the show went on. The cops should have put out an APB on that.

The last time I watched Cas­tle, Stana Katic, who plays Beck­ett, did not re­ally look like the per­son I am see­ing in this episode. Also, she has taken to wear­ing more false eye­lashes than Am­ber Dempsey, Lisa

Long shot: Kate Beck­ett

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