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NOLAN and Emily should’ve got rid of Frank when I said. Now he’s a ma­jor prob­lem. And as Nolan points out, he’s bet­ter at this than they are. Nolan’s right about a lot of things. Emily may have done time in a state-run fa­cil­ity but Nolan’s the bil­lion­aire, she should lis­ten to him more of­ten. She ig­nores his ad­vice tonight and it gets her into a world of hurt. It’s called hubris. She’s been walk­ing around tak­ing these rich and pow­er­ful peo­ple down, and so far it’s been the eas­i­est thing in the world. Tiny bit bor­ing for us though, no? This is where the show had to go. They’ve also mixed it up, as much as they vary from the for­mula at all, by con­tro­ver­sially not hav­ing a char­ity gala tonight. It’s the Fourth of July week­end, and the Graysons, de­spite the hard times, are throw­ing their usual too-lav­ish party. Event plan­ner Ash­ley gamely sug­gests to Vic­to­ria (Madeleine Stowe) per­haps an empty chair as a show of sup­port for Ly­dia? I thought Vic­to­ria was go­ing to slap her, but she in­stead says a sup­port­ive bunch of flow­ers will do. Poor Ly­dia. At least she didn’t land face down on

Do­ing air time: Emily Thorne that cab. That would’ve been just un­nec­es­sar­ily cruel. As it was, go­ing back­wards off the rail­ing was a won­der­ful Hitch­cock blonde mo­ment, a lovely homage you’d imag­ine Am­ber Val­letta would’ve been thrilled to do. Or maybe not. Given the choice she prob­a­bly would’ve pre­ferred to be in the full 22 episodes of a hit se­ries.

And now tonight, Emily gets to see the So­cialite’s Sui­ci­dal Swan Dive (head­line cour­tesy of the news­pa­per Con­rad Grayson’s read­ing over break­fast) when Nolan shows her the sur­veil­lance footage he re­cov­ered, at some per­sonal risk, from in­side Ly­dia’s apart­ment last week, mo­ments af­ter she and Frank tus­sled. Re­venge Chan­nel 7, 9pm

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