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IT is a univer­sal dream to fly like a bird. OK. It is not my dream, but carry on Doc­tor Who. No, wait. The next voice you hear will be Charles Woo­ley’s. Some­thing hap­pened when he crossed the Hi­malayas and David Ten­nant got re­dubbed.

To soar on wings into the heav­ens blah blah. What are heav­ens? I feel like mut­ing it, to just look at the birds, which are so lovely you could have them iron­i­cally go­ing up your wall. Apart from the pi­geons. They let one get eaten by a buz­zard. They don’t al­low any­thing like that to hap­pen to the at­trac­tive birds. No lori­keets or pretty lit­tle budgeri­gars were harmed mak­ing this.

Tonight’s topic is Asia and Aus­tralia, stroke of luck re­ally, be­cause here we are. And in­cred­i­bly it is also tak­ing place in au­tumn, and even though it may very well be 30C where you are right now, tech­ni­cally it is au­tumn.

They should have just used sub­ti­tles here. Tak­ing noth­ing away from Woo­ley. Or in­deed Ten­nant. Or any nar­ra­tor. Strange job, in a way. Kind of mean­ing­less.

You can’t go round look­ing at work with that at­ti­tude though or where does that

Over­dubbed: Charles Woo­ley leave any of us? Not get­ting out of bed in the morn­ing is where. But they could just put the name of the bird up — such-and-such crane, bar­headed goose, on their way to In­dia be­fore it is too late — and we can fig­ure out the rest.

Snow, for in­stance, means the birds have to put their foot down. None of us, I think I can say with con­fi­dence, needs Ten­nant or Woo­ley to tell us the Hi­malayas are the high­est moun­tain range on earth.

Just won­der­ing where the cam­era is though. Strapped to some bird? And is that strictly kosher? I don’t re­ally care for shows about an­i­mals. You make friends with them and then they die. Earth­flight Chan­nel 9, 7.30pm

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