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RICKY Ger­vais is not let­ting go of Karl Pilk­ing­ton’s prostate. It ap­peared to be­gin in Alaska, this con­cern, and now that he has worked his way round the world get­ting through Ger­vais’ and Stephen Mer­chant’s list of things that could kill him, it has de­vel­oped into some­thing closer to fix­a­tion.

And tonight, re­united and seated com­fort­ably back home in front of a tele­vi­sion cam­era, out comes a urol­o­gist.

The back story here, if you missed the Alaska episode, is that Pilk­ing­ton ap­par­ently dodged the prostate ex­am­i­na­tion when he had his med­i­cal, ages ago, be­fore he set off on his trip. This is clearly a public ser­vice an­nounce­ment, masked with coarse hu­mour, so I guess good on them. ‘‘ Which fin­ger is it?’’ is the first thing Pilk­ing­ton wants to know once he is in the ob­vi­ously not very pri­vate exam room with Frank the urol­o­gist.

He has a range of ques­tions, to do with gloves, an­gle, etc, but Frank’s right there with him. At the end of it Pilk­ing­ton gets up off the ta­ble: ‘‘ Now, you are a doc­tor are you?’’

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