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AS she films a seg­ment for Dat­ing in the Dark in a man­sion on Vic­to­ria’s Morn­ing­ton Penin­sula, Laura Dun­dovic is a picture of good health.

You’d never know Dun­dovic had a long bat­tle with chronic fa­tigue syn­drome that be­gan when she was 15.

The for­mer Miss Uni­verse Australia hit rock bot­tom, sleep­ing up to 10 hours dur­ing the day, just be­fore claim­ing the crown in 2008.

Her run of bad luck con­tin­ued in 2010, when she suf­fered a bro­ken an­kle and a bout of shin­gles.

Her ca­reer, how­ever, has been run­ning smoothly since be­ing signed for Dat­ing in the Dark, a show where con­tes­tants get to know each other with the lights off. It is only af­ter they choose a date that the lights go on and they get to see their part­ner. Howse­ri­ously do con­tes­tants take this show? They are look­ing for love. You have to be ready to be vul­ner­a­ble in the dark. Peo­ple prob­a­bly don’t re­alise how dark it ac­tu­ally is in there. A lit­tle bit scary. Could you imag­ine go­ing on the show as a con­tes­tant your­self? If I were at that point in life where I was look­ing for love but find­ing all the wrong peo­ple, I think it would be an amaz­ing ex­pe­ri­ence to go on the show. Have you had past em­bar­rass­ments with boys and dat­ing? I was 5ft 10 (178cm) in year 8 so it wasn’t easy. There was a boy on the bus to school. I had killer heels on and he said, ‘‘I’m not go­ing out with her, she’s a gi­ant.’’ I was called Lanky Laura at school. I would be hunched over when talk­ing to peo­ple. I started mod­el­ling and be­came prouder of my height. Howis your health? I had a frac­tured toe (late 2011). As I was leav­ing the house I got my toe caught in a door frame. Not a great in­jury be­cause no­body gives you sym­pa­thy for a bro­ken toe. Howhas hav­ing CFS af­fected your ap­proach to life? Over time you get to know your body. If I go out at night and start to feel sick, I go home. I got glan­du­lar fever at 15 and was put on an­tibi­otics and was get­ting sicker and sicker. I ended up get­ting a se­ries of blood tests to elim­i­nate ev­ery­thing else that could have been mak­ing me feel like that. At one point I could hardly talk, my throat was so swollen. A natur­opath put me on a herbal tonic and I haven’t had a flu for years. Dat­ing in the Dark, FOX8, Tues­day, 9.30pm

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