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THAT fa­ther at Dot’s church is a real prob­lem. I hope some­one ac­ci­den­tally mows him down with a Rolls-royce and Con­sta­ble Collins in­ves­ti­gates it with the same level of com­pe­tence he brings to tonight’s case.

He and In­spec­tor Robin­son (Nathan Page) are try­ing to fig­ure out whether Cec and Burt’s war buddy Thommo was a hit-and-run vic­tim and who did it when across town an old friend of Phryne turns up very un­ex­pect­edly at her door.

It’s Veronique Sar­celle (Linda Crop­per) whose hus­band Pierre, a painter— this’ll shock you — died in mys­te­ri­ous cir­cum­stances. A flash­back to that night in Paris gives grip­ping de­tails, and gee, you can’t help but get the feel­ing this may be a case for Miss Fisher. Phryne has one of his nudes on the wall over from where they’re sit­ting.

Pierre’s mur­der, is, af­ter a decade, still un­solved and has just been re­opened by the Paris gen­darmerie, who have flagged their in­ten­tion to speak to the three Aus­tralian wit­nesses. Which is much more con­ve­nient for Miss Fisher, if she’s go­ing to solve it.

Not re­ally a ques­tion of if though, is it? More a ques­tion of where does the Rolls-royce fit in and who struck Thommo.

But then some­one else turns up dead and an ugly the­ory starts to take shape. There’s al­ready one ma­jor sus­pect, in the well-turned out form of Hec­tor Cham­bers (Vince Colosimo), a bookie of some no­to­ri­ety. But it could be any­one. It could, for in­stance, be Pierre’s crony, painter Rene (Peter O’brien). Then there’s Veronique. She’s Phryne’s dear friend, but money makes peo­ple act in all sorts of ways.

As Veronique says, ‘‘ I ad to zell zem orrl. Eet broke my art but orr, zee billz!’’ Miss Fisher’s Mur­der Mys­ter­ies ABC1, 8.30pm

Puz­zle: Nathan Page

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