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NICE car. And — hello! — nice men­tal­ist. Or what­ever Pa­trick Jane (Si­mon Baker) goes by these days. Cop? Not quite. He’s pulling up at the lat­est crime scene tonight just as Grace Van Pelt is get­ting be­rated by amr Liu for not go­ing af­ter those hooli­gans rig­or­ously enough. I love her name, Grace Van Pelt. Wasted on a cop though, she should be a fur­rier. She ex­plains to Pa­trick Jane that Liu owns the build­ing that has the im­port/ ex­port busi­ness on the first floor. This could be a eu­phemism. Mr Liu’s scared, Pa­trick Jane in­stantly dis­cerns, be­cause he’s a for­mer men­tal­ist. And when we get up­stairs we see why. There’s a dead body, which in it­self is per­haps a rea­son for an amount of jit- ter­i­ness, but there’s also a feather in the bloke’s mouth. Too camp for a gang, Jane says when Cho sug­gests it’s gan­gre­lated. Cho thinks ev­ery­thing’s gang-re­lated. But they’re in the mid­dle of a cloth­ing fac­tory, so it’s no big stretch to fig­ure it out.

But gee isn’t he all smiles when sec­onds later he finds the mur­der weapon, a pair of dress­maker’s scis­sors. The vic-

Look­ing good: Si­mon Baker tim, it’s lovely sym­me­try re­ally, was a failed fash­ion de­signer on the verge of a come­back. High-end cloth­ing, some­thing went bad, he had a public melt­down, the cops sit around and look at footage of it on the in­ter­net while Pa­trick Jane finds his killer. The end.

There’s also a Red John side­bar, a very sig­nif­i­cant de­vel­op­ment, which is the main rea­son for the episode, if you’re keep­ing up. I ad­mit, it’s hard to keep up with any of it. The last time I watched The Men­tal­ist was on a Sun­day night, not a Wed­nes­day, but no mat­ter, here it is and Baker’s look­ing good. That’s ba­si­cally all you need to know. The show it­self, not quite as hot. The Men­tal­ist Chan­nel 9, 8.30pm

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