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app to use this de­vice and pair­ing it with a phone is easy.

Ad­just­ing the head­band to its best fit is per­haps the hard­est part of in­stal­la­tion. It took three nights to ac­com­plish a healthy com­pro­mise be­tween a firm and com­fort­able fit for our re­view.

Zeo is un­der­stand­ably cagey on ex­actly how the Sleep Man­ager works, with pa­tents pend­ing on the band’s tech­nol­ogy.

Es­sen­tially, the Zeo’s head­band fea­tures three Soft­wave sen­sors placed on a user’s fore­head and these track the elec­tri­cal sig­nals pro­duced by the brain dur­ing sleep.

The sen­sors de­liver this data to the cen­tral de­vice that records whether the wearer is in deep sleep, rapid-eye move­ment or light sleep, or whether they have wo­ken dur­ing the night.

It also trans­mits this in­for­ma­tion to the open app in the user’s phone, and can also up­load it to a web­site pro­file.

On wak­ing, users can in­spect their sleep stages in a graph. Deep and REM sleep sta­tis­tics are the two most im­por­tant fac­tors to watch, ac­cord­ing to Zeo, be­cause these are restora­tive cy­cles for the body and the mind.

Zeo also grades users with a ‘‘ ZQ’’ sleep score to rate their per­for­mance and, on its web­site, users can com­pare their sleep sta­tis­tics with oth­ers’. For the record, our sleep scores failed on quan­tity, but ex­ceeded in qual­ity, pro­vid­ing im­pres­sive REM and deep sleep num­bers. This gad­get is clearly most use­ful for those who don’t sleep well, how­ever, and Zeo pro­vides sleep coach­ing by email. Users can also log daily ex­er­cise and caf­feine in­take to work out what’s pre­vent­ing a healthy slum­ber.

The com­pany has also added a use­ful alarm to this gad­get that can wake users with mu­sic at the op­ti­mal mo­ment dur­ing their sleep cy­cle — great for deep sleep­ers.

Sadly, the Zeo Sleep Man­ager app doesn’t of­fer fea­tures that its web­site pro­vides, and users might also need to in­vest in more head­bands with time.

But this sleep-track­ing gad­get would be a help­ful aid for the sleep-de­prived and is down­right fas­ci­nat­ing to use. Help­ful: The Zeo Sleep Man­ager.

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