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Herald Sun - Switched On - - Thursday -

ADELE’S Alzheimer’s is pro­gress­ing but Richard (James Pick­ens) doesn’t want to ac­cept it un­til mopey old Mered­ith (Ellen Pom­peo, pic­tured) sug­gests that he look at get­ting her some pro­fes­sional care. Yep, it’s a sad state of af­fairs when prophet-of-doom Mered­ith is the one look­ing on the bright side. Then again, Richard has good rea­son to be de­pressed about his lot in life.

First, his mistress (Mered­ith’s mother) gets Alzheimer’s and now his wife does, too.

It’s a pretty safe bet that this won’t be the worst thing to ever hap­pen to Richard.

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