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Chan­nel 7, tonight, 9pm ★★★★ This sit­com is hard to ig­nore, given it re­cently picked up the BAFTA for Best Sit­u­a­tion Com­edy and is be­ing pro­moted as ‘‘a full-frontal as­sault on the senses’’. It stars Ir­ish comic Bren­dan O’Car­roll as Mrs Agnes Brown, a foul-mouthed­mumwho makes life hell for her six hen-pecked chil­dren. There is some­thing about Mrs Brown’s Boys that makes you want to hate it, but if you can get past the fact it’s filmed in front of an over-hyped au­di­ence and some of the ‘‘saucy’’ jokes pre-date the Carry On movies, you will dis­cover some laugh-out-loud mo­ments. What makes Mrs Brown some­what re­lat­able is she does love her kids but she knows ev­ery ma­nip­u­la­tive trick in the book. She’s a widow who mar­ried at 18 be­cause of a ‘‘con­di­tion’’ she had, preg­nancy. No thanks to Agnes, daugh­ter Cathy is now hav­ing trou­ble find­ing a steady bloke. As she heads out the door — ‘‘it’s not a big date, mummy, it’s just a drink’’ — Agnes of­fers the gem: ‘‘Just a drink! That’s what all men say . . . they think vodka’s a lu­bri­cant to get your knick­ers off easy.’’ You get the drift.

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