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VANESSA Wil­liams signed her high school year­book with a prom­ise to ‘‘ see you on Broad­way’’, but be­gan her ca­reer in the spot­light in beauty pageants.

She be­came the first African-Amer­i­can Miss Amer­ica, but had to re­sign her crown when nude pic­tures of her sur­faced.

She bounced back by launch­ing her singing and act­ing ca­reers, and she ful­filled her year­book prom­ise when she per­formed on Broad­way in Kiss of the Spi­der Woman.

She has com­pleted shoot­ing the fi­nal sea­son of Des­per­ate House­wives and has a lead role in the muchan­tic­i­pated hor­ror drama 666 Park Av­enue. What will you miss most about work­ing with the Des­per­ate House­wives ladies? They wel­comed me from the get-go, and the fans em­braced my char­ac­ter im­me­di­ately too. It’s been re­ally seam­less, and I think that’s been the true joy. I haven’t re­ally had to ham­mer my char­ac­ter down peo­ple’s throats. They ac­cepted it, and they felt that I be­longed. I hope we all stay friends. It’s com­mu­nity. One of the most touch­ing mo­ments on the set was when our set dresser/prop per­son asked one of the extras to marry him. He asked all the cast to come in (for his pro­posal). We were part of his fam­ily. He got on his knees, turned around to us and we were all in tears. That’s one of my favourite mo­ments from be­ing a part of this fam­ily. Do you guys fully re­alise how many peo­ple around the world will miss you? I feel it on Twit­ter. Peo­ple are pan­ick­ing on Twit­ter. Oh, my God. Say­ing what kind of stuff? ‘‘What are we go­ing to do without you?’’ What do you tell them? I re­spond to some. You know, just ‘‘Thanks for the love’’. Do you think that when Des­per­ate House­wives first came on, tele­vi­sion was a dif­fer­ent en­vi­ron­ment than it is to­day for women? I was an ac­tor but also a fan (of House­wives when it started). I was watch­ing it at 40 years old, which was eight years ago, and com­ing out of the fea­ture world where the roles were dry­ing up. I saw Des­per­ate House­wives and this whole land­scape of en­sem­ble women who were sexy and funny and dra­matic. It was tongue-in-cheek. And I re­mem­ber say­ing eight years ago, that’s the kind of show that I wanted to be on. So it’s nice that I started out as a fan and ended up be­ing one

of the gals. Des­per­ate House­wives, Chan­nel 7, Thurs­day, 10pm.

Sign­ing off: Vanessa Wil­liams has just com­pleted the fi­nal sea­son of Des­per­ate House­wives.

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