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While the rest of the world watch the Olympic Games, we are so lucky to be able to watch the Aus­tralian Games. What su­per cov­er­age by Chan­nel 9 to only tele­vise events that in­volve home-grown tal­ent (mostly). Why tele­vise the semi-fi­nals with swimmers such as Lochte and Phelps when you can watch hockey with Aus­tralia play­ing? And if you don’t like the event on Nine, go to Gem and watch it inHD— how’s that for choice? The com­men­ta­tors are bi­ased and most are am­a­teurs. James Brayshaw should see an op­ti­cian and get his rose-coloured glasses re­placed. Some of his com­ments are gems—‘‘Aus­tralia are beau­ti­fully placed’’ (4th and about 25m to go), ‘‘ Aus­tralia are not out of it yet’’ (three boat lengths be­hind and about 50m to go). It’s the com­men­ta­tors and the me­dia that make these ath­letes think they are bul­let-proof, cocky and in­vin­ci­ble.

Brian, email

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