Net­works chan­nel the abil­ity to get it right once in a while

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THEY’RE set­ting a bad prece­dent for them­selves here, the tele­vi­sion net­works, giv­ing us so much stuff to watch. Nice to know they can ac­tu­ally do it when they want to.

I can’t re­mem­ber it be­ing like this for a while though. Not at the be­gin­ning of the year, when the rat­ings started, that’s for sure. That’s just be­come a soft launch, a test­ing ground for shows, a hold­ing pat­tern, the TV equiv­a­lent of that body of wa­ter out over Wol­lon­gong where the planes hover un­til air traf­fic con­trol says it’s OK to land in Sydney. But these next cou­ple of months now, it’s bor­der­ing on con­gested with new and even high-qual­ity TV shows.

It’ll be like dur­ing the Olympics, how you had to get your view­ing/life bal­ance right. You’ll soon sort it out, there’ll be some shows you re­ally like and ones you only think you like but don’t re­ally once you watch them a bit.

I think I’m go­ing to be like that with Big Brother. Too soon to say yet. It’s one of the best ideas in the his­tory of broad­cast­ing. And what it can say about all of us, as a group, in­di­vid­u­ally, just ge­nius. Sig­mund Freud, Socrates, they’d love it. Or they’d hate it, be­cause the wrong peo­ple got drafted into the house.

But, gee, Nine’s got a good show with this Un­der­belly, it makes Un­der­belly Ra­zor look like a car­toon­ish, stylised af­fec­ta­tion. And given where the peo­ple me­ters are lo­cated, how the rat­ings are skewed, Howzat!— about World Se­ries Cricket — will do the busi­ness there for them as well.

I wasn’t that into it. I thought I was go­ing to be but as I watched it I found I didn’t ac­tu­ally care.

Did you watch Anger Man­age­ment last night? That’s go­ing to be a sus­tain­ing hit, even if Char­lie Sheen has been neutered. Ter­rific open­ing scene too, ac­tu­ally a bit shock­ing. I’m also shocked — in a dif­fer­ent way — that the Farmer Wants a Wife con­tes­tants are expected to go up a pole this sea­son. Like pro­fes­sional dancers who don’t let men touch them when they’re work­ing. They didn’t show that in those fake Olympic ads.

But the most im­pres­sive new se­ries, the most ac­com­plished and tex­tured, is Pu­berty Blues. It’s made by a very ex­pe­ri­enced team of drama pro­duc­ers and, not­with­stand­ing that it came from a great book, their touch is all over it. Ten hasn’t had a se­ries like this. They’re rare even on the ABC.

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