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It’s ex­cit­ing to get close and play some­one that bril­liant

IWON­DER if Paul Kelly will sing his su­per­an­nu­a­tion ad at the MCG on Satur­day. Prob­a­bly not. It’ll make peo­ple de­pressed, re­mind them how they’re go­ing to have to work un­til they’re 85 un­less they want to eat cat food. And re­mind them that a protest song about land rights is now used to sell su­per. Or maybe not. Maybe there’s no con­nec­tion in peo­ple’s minds. I don’t know if any­one still thinks about land rights any more.

How many foot­ballers out there on Satur­day are go­ing to be lis­ten­ing to Paul Kelly in the rooms be­fore the game? I did a rough count and came up with an es­ti­mate of none. They’d be more likely to lis­ten to the old Sydney Swans cap­tain Paul Kelly.

Ev­ery­one loves Paul Kelly. The singer. Look, ma­jor re­spect, ter­rific writer, but not right for AFL Grand Fi­nal day.

The rule should be, Grand Fi­nal, noth­ing acous­tic. No troubadours. Wait, that’s not the word I meant to use there. Trouba­bores. That was it. No trouba­bores.

Paul Kelly is maybe all right if you’re hav­ing a bit of a nod off on the couch, but he’s not what you want to fire you up on a cel­e­bra­tory day out at the footy. We’ll never know for sure, but did he get the job be­cause he’s men­tioned the MCG in his songs? I’m go­ing to go with yes. We can only imag­ine the post-mortem that went on at the AFL af­ter Meat­loaf died at last year’s Grand Fi­nal, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be an­other big loud divo ever again.

Plus they’ve got Tim Rogers on the bill this year. Paul Kelly and Tim Rogers are the same thing. From a dis­tance with your eyes closed and with beer on board. Why aren’t AC/DC go­ing to be there on Satur­day? Huh? They’ve got the lane named af­ter them You’d think that’d be enough to get them to Mel­bourne for free. Or vir­tu­ally free, clearly play­ing the Grand Fi­nal isn’t a lu­cra­tive gig. The adrenalin and glory of a live au­di­ence of 90-odd thou­sand and a TV au­di­ence in the vicin­ity of two mil­lion should be pay­ment enough. Maybe Brant Webb and Todd Rus­sell (big football fans) can ring the Foo Fight­ers, get them here. That’s what it needs, a loud band with an­themic songs.

No of­fence Paul, you’re great when there’s a cam­paign on. Or even Rose Tat­too. So very rous­ing. And I’mfairly cer­tain no­body watch­ing on Satur­day would’ve seen An­gry An­der­son es­pouse his colourful views about refugees on na­tional tele­vi­sion last month. I’m even won­der­ing why Seven and the AFL haven’t cooked up a deal be­fore now to have some of those X Fac­tor chil­dren lined up to al­legedly sing. As I write this I want to smash my hand in a car door, but, help me, they’re pop­u­lar and right now, and I have to stop.

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