Brynne’s life may be charmed, but she’s ob­vi­ously very lonely

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EVEN be­fore the sec­ond episode of Brynne’s Be­daz­zled Life is done, Brynne Edel­sten has re­moved her mi­cro­phone and asked for the cam­era to be turned off, words I don’t think many of us thought we’d ever hear her say.

I don’t know if she re­grets agree­ing to do this show. But af­ter the first episode this week it’s pretty clear the pro­duc­ers had to go the same di­rec­tion Be­ing Lara Bin­gle went in, and which had so many peo­ple moan­ing: the set-up sto­ry­lines.

Cam­eras aren’t just in­stalled in a cor­ner of some­one’s house and left there. You thought Lara Bin­gle was dull? Brynne Edel­sten has the world’s most bor­ing life. She has deep, deep en­nui of the kind that drives a per­son to shop. To buy new clothes while she gets her walk-in day­wear wardrobe or­gan­ised. And ap­par­ently, ac­cord­ing to the nar­ra­tion, the ‘‘ pub­lic’’ has a ‘‘ seem­ingly end­less fas­ci­na­tion with her wardrobe choices’’.

But af­ter the din­ner she makes for her hus­band at the end of the first episode — and it’s the first time she’s cooked any­thing since they’ve been to­gether— it’s clear this show’s fo­cus can­not be this mar­riage or this unattrac­tive man. I’ve read other re­views of this show, and I keep hear­ing ‘‘ car crash TV’’, but I’m afraid I didn’t find it that way at all. But I could see why in the sec­ond episode rea­sons were pre­sented for Brynne to be out of the house: train­ing for Juddy, her adorable lit­tle dog, the one Edel­sten wants to see on a spit. Train­ing for Brynne, with for­mer AFL player Paul Licuria. Brynne’s act­ing hobby.

She comes across as very lonely. I think it’s this more than her nice­ness that immu- nises her from the sort of criticism some­one in her po­si­tion might nor­mally at­tract.

The only part of Brynne’s life that looks be­daz­zled to me was her ar­ray of full-length se­quined gowns— un­worn.

I’ve spent some time gos­sip­ing to Brynne — I’m not claim­ing in any way to know her, it’s just been a few min­utes here and there ran­domly chat­ting about stuff — and she in­deed seems very sweet. And I’ve won­dered (also while watch­ing this) whether she was a dumb blonde, but I came to the con­clu­sion she’s less about ar­ti­fice and more about try­ing to fill a hole. Hard to know for sure though. Be­cause there’s al­ways the hus­band, and that ques­tion there— like, what the what? Eddie McGuire had him on Eddie McGuire Tonight this year, and not even Eddie, who did ev­ery­thing but de­fib­ril­late, could warm him up.

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