Herald Sun - Switched On - - Saturday - SIN­BAD, ABC1, 9.05pm

TREA­SURE! Fi­nally. An­war’s the one who finds it, a big chest, deep in a cave and with long-dead guards hov­er­ing over it. They try ev­ery­thing to open it — hit­ting it, car­ry­ing on — but only Sin­bad, who’s very spe­cial, man­ages to get the lid off, just like that. Cook, back on their boat, had cau­tioned him that maybe they should just leave it, to which Sin­bad says he’d been think­ing about what Taryn said, how he didn’t know what he was — well, now he does: a sim­ple thief. Hardly, dude. But this episode isn’t re­ally about Sin­bad. Love it, but I can’t be­lieve it’s on so late. It’s a kids’ show.

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