Herald Sun - Switched On - - Weekly Preview - HOME AND AWAY, Chan­nel 7, 7pm

LOOK, you might just need to brace your­self. An hour and a half of fairly nor­mal — for Sum­mer Bay — drama: Sid, irate about Dex’s seizure, irate be­cause he had to find out from Irene and also pos­si­bly irate be­cause An­drew on Neigh­bours hap­pened to have one first; Sasha, irate, be­cause Casey kissed Ta­mara and now he’s off to jail and who knows who he’ll meet in there; Brax, irate, be­cause ev­ery­one’s up in his grill; Heath, irate, be­cause of Jamie and Brax and Bianca; Adam, irate, be­cause he’s sim­ply vile. And then the fi­nal min­utes where (in­sert in­formed guess here) DIES! NOO!

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