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SI­LAS Weir Mitchell was per­fectly cast as Mon­roe in hor­ror-crime se­ries Grimm. The former My Name is Earl (Don­nie Jones) and Prison Break (Charles ‘‘ Hay­wire’’ Patoshik) reg­u­lar gets a kick out of play­ing dis­turbed characters.

What fright­ens you?

Well, I’ll tell you when I was a kid what fright­ened me. I lived out in the coun­try and sum­mer nights you some­times wind up far away from the house.

Sud­denly it was dusk and then it was dark and you had to get back home. And it’s pretty scary walking through the woods alone at night when you’re lit­tle. One of the things that really scared me was if I started think­ing about the guy who was chas­ing me or the guy who was in the woods. If I started be­hav­ing as though the guy was really there, I started run­ning. If you just went slowly and calmly and re­alised that it was just in your imag­i­na­tion, you would be fine. As soon as you ac­tu­ally start run­ning, you’re done.

What kind of re­search did you do into were­wolves for Grimm?

Read­ing. I’m presently at arm’s length of a book that was writ­ten in 1933, on ly­can­thropy. There are pages of it in Latin and pages of it in mid­dle French, where the were­wolf is (be­lieved to be) a real thing. In France in the 18th cen­tury, there was a guy who ter­rorised the French coun­try­side, run­ning around at night steal­ing chil­dren. And, you know, mu­ti­lat­ing them. And what’s our an­swer to that? One of the ways of ad­dress­ing that is to say you’re a mon­ster, you’re a were­wolf. And so the re­search for me was read­ing th­ese sto­ries some­times, when th­ese were real. It wasn’t mytho­log­i­cal. I think now we recog­nise that the were­wolf is a myth. Read­ing sto­ries from a time when the were­wolf was a real thing is pretty in­tense when you put your­self in the shoes of some­one who be­lieved that a trans­for­ma­tion took place and that a beast roamed the hills.

What at­tracted you to the Mon­roe role?

It was a job really. I mean there was an au­di­tion for one of the leads in the pi­lot so there you go. I read the script and I thought it was cool. Now that I’m do­ing it, what does at­tract me to the role is the in­ner con­flict.

Did you grow up hav­ing a favourite fairy­tale?

I didn’t really grow up on fairy­tales per se. There was one book I had as a child called Slovenly Peter. It’s an old Ger­man book. It had cau­tion­ary tales in it and they were pretty grisly. There’s the lit­tle girl who played with matches and what hap­pens if you play with matches. In the book she’s burnt to a crisp — a pile of ashes. Grimm, Chan­nel 7, tonight, 8.30pm

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