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ASEC­OND sea­son of hit US se­ries Re­venge has made Josh Bow­man’s role as the rich and in­creas­ingly cor­rupt­ible Daniel Grayson even sweeter. Bow­man says his char­ac­ter is no longer just a pawn. Off-screen, Bow­man and Re­venge hero­ine Emily VanCamp are a cou­ple. On-screen, the duo’s characters last sea­son called it quits on their wed­ding, and there’s a sur­pris­ing new ro­man­tic en­tan­gle­ment for Bow­man as he mans up and re­alises he has to play the venge­ful game to sur­vive in the Hamp­tons.

Is Daniel Grayson a dif­fer­ent per­son to the onewemet in sea­son one?

He’s very, very dif­fer­ent. He was that boy­ish col­le­giate Daniel. This sea­son he’s really turn­ing into an adult and a real man. And maybe he’s do­ing it as well to im­press Emily.

Is there a dan­ger that Daniel will be­come, in grow­ing up and stand­ing up for him­self, the very things that he de­spises in his ma­nip­u­la­tive, con­niv­ing par­ents, Con­rad and Vic­to­ria Grayson?

That’s where it’s go­ing right now. But the writ­ers are do­ing well at keep­ing him in the bal­ance. He does some re­deem­ing things and has some re­deem­ing qual­i­ties.

So de­spite be­ing sucked into the game, he’s con­scious he doesn’t want to be that thing he de­spises?

He knows he has a choice. I

wouldn’t give up on him yet.

We­see him in a new ro­mance af­ter his wed­ding with Emily was called off last year and their re­la­tion­ship ended. What is Daniel do­ing with this new per­son?

This show has so many characters that we can all mesh and it’s ex­cit­ing that we can all cross into dif­fer­ent sto­ry­lines. But that one was a big sur­prise for me. For Daniel it is a means to an end. Not love or any­thing like that. You’ll see in the first episode that he’s try­ing to make Emily think that he’s fine and ev­ery­thing’s OK, but then this look passes be­tween them and it’s clear he misses her a lot.

In a way he’s do­ing ex­actly what Emily did to him in sea­son one.

Yeah. The way I would look at it is she broke his heart be­cause of the ac­tions she had to un­der­take. But then again, it was Daniel’s fault be­cause he was turn­ing into the very thing that he de­spised and she was ba­si­cally say­ing ‘I’m not go­ing to do this’. But he ob­vi­ously doesn’t know who she is and he’s go­ing to fight tooth and nail to win her back at some point, I’m sure.

What else has sur­prised you about the sea­son?

Noth­ing sur­prises me on this show any­more. Au­di­ences are go­ing to be sur­prised. The prob­lem is we set the bar quite high in the first sea­son, and that’s why sea­son two is al­ways the most dif­fi­cult; it has to be as epic. There are new characters to root for. A lot more con­flict and lots more se­crets. The new love tri­an­gle is pretty in­ter­est­ing be­tween Daniel, Ai­den and Emily. Re­venge, Chan­nel 7, Mon­day, 8.45pm

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