Herald Sun - Switched On - - Sundayfebruary - MOD­ERN FAM­ILY, Chan­nel 10, 7pm

PROB­LEMS tonight like you wouldn’t be­lieve. Where to start? Manny has to go to a sports-themed birth­day party . . . the footwear alone. Hay­ley is do­ing com­mu­nity ser­vice — that in­ci­dent back in col­lege? — but isn’t op­posed to the or­ange hi-vis vest. Her mother goes to Costco with Glo­ria, who’s preg­nant and vague. Over at Cam and Mitchell’s they’re re­duced to open­ing Lily’s bed­room draw­ers with a spat­ula, be­cause Cameron’s taken the han­dles off and is too ‘‘ busy’’ to re­place them. And now he’s try­ing to save a tree in the park from the chain­saw. It in­volves a dra­matic sit-in. Of course it does.

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