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BETH Behrs is the per­fect fit for her role as Brook­lyn wait­ress Caro­line in sit­com 2 Broke Girls. Be­fore win­ning the part, the clas­si­cally-trained singer and top soc­cer player made ends meet by do­ing bit parts in TV shows, work­ing as a nanny, pour­ing beers in a bar and wait­ing ta­bles.

What do you think about peo­ple who work in that trade (wait­ress­ing)?

I was work­ing as a nanny Mon­day through Fri­day, and then Satur­day and Sun­day I was at a the­atre in LA, work­ing bar. And then I worked at Chili’s, which is an Amer­i­can chain. The restau­rant in­dus­try is really hard. I don’t think I was cut out for it. Be­ing a waiter, you have so many things to do in the restau­rant and so much to cover and you have to make sure ev­ery­one’s happy. Ob­vi­ously, when I’m act­ing, I have some­one hand­ing me plates. I dropped all the plates in the pi­lot, so now they never give me plates on my arms any more be­cause I couldn’t do it. I guess our diner (in the show) doesn’t have the bud­get for those nice trays.

This sit­com didn’t just fall in your lap. Your life sud­denly changed so much.

Right. I would go from job to job. I did some guest stars and I did some films, but I would al­ways have to come back to my day job be­cause I wasn’t mak­ing enough money to sup­port my­self. And I did com­mer­cials, all those things to try to make money on the side. And I was lucky I had a nanny boss who was so sup­port­ive of my ca­reer. If I called her and said ‘I have an au­di­tion’, she’d be like, ‘It’s okay, I’ll pick up the kids and you can go’.

So when you have a day off now, how’s your life com­pared to then?

The days off are much less. But to be hon­est, Kat (Den­nings) and I just like to rest on our days off. We don’t get to spend a lot of time out­doors be­cause we’re in a stu­dio most of the week. So I like to hike or go for a run out­side.

Do you drag Kat on th­ese hikes?

It’s funny. Kat and I and our boyfriends trav­elled overseas last year, and I didn’t have to drag her out then. We (Behrs and Den­nings) did a photo shoot in Mi­lan, then went to Paris. We had the best trip. And our boyfriends are really good friends too. It all worked out. Kat and I didn’t know each other be­fore but have be­come so close.

The show pushes bound­aries. Do you ever get shocked when you read the scripts?

Oh, of course. We shoot in front of a live au­di­ence, but we also are chang­ing our jokes ev­ery take. Well, not us, but the writ­ers are. So there might be a really shock­ing joke that I’ve never heard be­fore and I have to just say it out loud in front of the au­di­ence. And those are usu­ally the takes they use be­cause it’s so real. I’m def­i­nitely sim­i­lar to Caro­line. I mean, I’m def­i­nitely a glass half full type of per­son, and Caro­line’s the eter­nal op­ti­mist. And I can def­i­nitely re­late to her drive and busi­ness smarts. I’ve been want­ing to be an ac­tress since I was like three or four years old, so I re­late to her kind of mo­ti­va­tion to have her dream come true. 2 Broke Girls, Chan­nel 9, Tues­day, 9pm I’mglad to hear other peo­ple are voic­ing their opin­ion about hav­ing dif­fi­culty with the loud back­ground mu­sic or ‘‘ noise’’ in many TV shows and also movies and doc­u­men­taries. Not only do I find it dif­fi­cult, and my hear­ing is per­fect, but my hearingim­paired fa­ther finds it im­pos­si­ble and there­fore doesn’t bother and in­stead reads a book. It’s about time some­one did a sur­vey to see how many peo­ple feel the same and also see how this af­fects the rat­ings. Wake up pro­duc­ers. With the won­der­ful tech­nol­ogy of to­day what’s the idea of mak­ing it so dif­fi­cult to hear?

Turn off bad weather

I can­not fathom at all why My Kitchen Rules is do­ing so well. ‘‘ Cooks’’ of­ten lack any culi­nary abil­ity at all, lack com­mon sense and turn up in their own kitchens un­pre­pared. The show is a low-class soapie! Only now do I re­alise why it is so pop­u­lar with view­ers!

Sue, email

The pri­or­i­ties are wrong

I was dis­gusted while watch­ing my favoured Chan­nel 7 news when they pro­ceeded to report about an Amer­i­can brick-lay­ing com­pe­ti­tion with a cou­ple of Aus­tralians in it. Then, a few min­utes later, re­ported about the ris­ing death toll due to the tsunami in the Solomon Is­lands. Get your pri­or­i­ties straight.

So­phie, email Are TV ex­ec­u­tives for real? Does the man­age­ment at Chan­nel 7 truly be­lieve more peo­ple will watch their main news bul­letin if they have a pleas­ant face pre­sent­ing the weather in­stead of a qual­i­fied me­te­o­rol­o­gist? Could man­age­ment be that stupid and view­ers that fickle and shal­low? View­ers should vote with their re­motes and en­sure Chan­nel 7 man­age­ment knows what a ter­ri­ble mis­take they have made and make them suf­fer even fur­ther in the rat­ings.

Wayne, Ring­wood East

Cooks lack com­mon sense

Ken., email

Bring back David Brown

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