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A Hol­ly­wood star makes a long-awaited foray into tele­vi­sion, with plenty of ad­vice from his wife, Kyra Sedg­wick, writes Michele Manelis

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an op­tion. But about four years ago I thought, ‘ What are you do­ing? You love tele­vi­sion, you watch tele­vi­sion all the time, your wife (Kyra Sedg­wick, The Closer) is on a tele­vi­sion show, you di­rect tele­vi­sion, and when you get to­gether with your friends, that’s all you talk about’. And af­ter watch­ing a guy’s head get cut off on Game of Thrones, I threw my hat in the ring.’’

Ba­con has en­joyed a di­verse ca­reer. ‘‘ I’ve done a lot of dark ma­te­rial, like in The Woods­man, and I also do movies that are light, but I’m of­ten drawn to things that have emo­tional con­se­quences and life and death sit­u­a­tions,’’ he says.

‘‘ That’s what I liked about The Fol­low­ing.’’

Given the grue­some con­tent, it wouldn’t be sur­pris­ing if his day job caused him night­mares.

‘‘ Well, yes, I did have a night­mare the other night, but it was more about do­ing this press in­ter­view than it was about The Fol­low­ing,’’ he says with a smile.

‘‘ Ac­tu­ally, this kind of ma­te­rial is ther­a­peu­tic for me.

‘‘ To be able to con­front fear, dark­ness, sad­ness and pain that you have in your heart and ex­pose it and then let it go is what ther­apy is. I think act­ing pro­vides that.’’

The Fol­low­ing orig­i­nated in the dark re­cesses of Wil­liamson’s mind.

‘‘ I’ve had the idea about se­rial killers for years, in fact, since 1994,’’ Wil­liamson says.

‘‘ I tried to write The Fol­low­ing as a fea­ture film, but I could never fig­ure out how to end it, and I re­alised then that it was meant to be a TV show.

‘‘ I knew I wanted some­one like Kevin Ba­con for the role of Hardy, and couldn’t be­lieve it when we ac­tu­ally got Kevin Ba­con.’’

The cast in­cludes James Pure­foy as Car­roll, Natalie Zea ( Cal­i­for­ni­ca­tion), An­nie Parisse ( Per­son of In­ter­est), and Shawn Ash­more ( X-Men movies).

The tim­ing in the Ba­conSedg­wick house­hold couldn’t have been more serendip­i­tous.

The Closer fin­ished shoot­ing last year and pre-pro­duc­tion for The Fol­low­ing started al­most im­me­di­ately.

‘‘ It wasn’t so much the pass­ing of the ba­ton,’’ Ba­con ex­plains. ‘‘ It just so hap­pened that her show ended and mine started. She gave me some good ad­vice though, like, ‘ Think long and hard, be­cause if the show works, you are

And that’s the other thing; I don’t have the moves any more

go­ing to be play­ing this guy for a long time’. In some ways, the idea of play­ing one char­ac­ter was fright­en­ing to me.’’

Ba­con has been mar­ried to Sedg­wick since 1988, and they have raised their chil­dren, Travis, 23, and Sosie, 21, on Man­hat­tan’s Up­per West Side.

Clearly, the Ba­con-Sedg­wick union rep­re­sents a gold stan­dard in scan­dal-free Hol­ly­wood mar­riages.

‘‘ Kyra and I have a real solid thing and for the most part we are home bod­ies, but there’s also a side of us that are vagabonds, my wife and I,’’ he says. ‘‘ We’re like carnies; we have had the suit­case packed our en­tire lives to­gether and go from job to job to job, to this town to that town.

‘‘ When I am not do­ing that, I am go­ing out with my rock band.’’

The Ba­con Brothers, com­prised of Kevin and his brother Michael, have re­leased six al­bums.

Tim­ing has played into Ba­con and Sedg­wick’s re­la­tion­ship from the be­gin­ning.

‘‘ Kyra and I met do­ing a play called Lemon Sky off Broad­way. The roles were meant for Jeff Daniels and Cyn­thia Nixon but nei­ther of them was avail­able. So we of­ten joke that we owe our mar­riage to both those ac­tors who passed up the roles,’’ he says with a laugh. ‘‘ So, we did the play and six months later we were mar­ried.’’

Ba­con has been nom­i­nated for var­i­ous awards for such movies as Mur­der in the First, Mys­tic River, and Frost/Nixon. How­ever, the success of his 1984 break­out role in the mu­sic-themed drama, Foot­loose, still haunts him.

He laughs and says: ‘‘ This is the prob­lem I have with it; it’s rare that Kyra and I get out to dance, although we love to, but if Foot­loose gets played, it then be­comes a per­for­mance. The other thing is when I’m at a wed­ding it’s the bride and groom who should be the stars that night, but if the DJ flips that song, it’s em­bar­rass­ing and I’m afraid ev­ery­one will look at me in­stead of the bride and groom.’’

That’s im­pres­sive. Nearly 30 years later, he can still do the Foot­loose dance?

‘‘ And that’s the other thing; I don’t have the moves any more,’’ he adds with a smirk. The Fol­low­ing, Chan­nel 9, tonight, 8.40pm

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