Brynne busts a move

A so­cialite risks her im­age and her body by div­ing into Celebrity Splash, writes Dar­ren Dev­lyn

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FROM the moment Chan­nel 7 com­mis­sioned Celebrity Splash, the cyn­ics pounced. It was pre­dicted the show would prove the car-crash TV event of the year and that it would bomb in the rat­ings.

Seven, how­ever, is adamant it’s on a win­ner.

The for­mat was hot prop­erty at the in­ter­na­tional TV sales mar­ket last year, with ver­sions launch­ing in Hol­land, France, Spain, Bri­tain and most re­cently, the US.

And Seven feels a tal­ent ros­ter that in­cludes Brynne Edel­sten, former crick­eter An­drew Sy­monds, comic Josh Thomas and re­tired swim­mer Leisel Jones will prove a hit with view­ers.

It’s been sug­gested well­pro­por­tioned Edel­sten could be the only con­tes­tant to jump into the water with­out get­ting her hair wet.

The truth is that Edel­sten’s bust can be a bit of a prob­lem in the div­ing de­part­ment, but more of that later. Howis the train­ing go­ing? I’m do­ing more of the plat­form work than the div­ing board be­cause I feel like when I bounce on the spring­board I lose sense of where I am.

If you tense up or try to pro­tect your­self, it ends up worse

So how do you feel — ex­cited, scared or both? It’s both. I’m try­ing to block out that it’s coming so soon be­cause I don’t feel pre­pared at all. It’s been five weeks of train­ing and it’s so dif­fi­cult. My coach says I’m a nat­u­ral and that I’m grace­ful in the water, which is sur­pris­ing be­cause I’m not the most grace­ful or co­or­di­nated per­son. You have really good days, but also really bad days. When you have a bad day you lose all of your con­fi­dence. Men­tally, it can be very scary. I imag­ine when things don’t go ac­cord­ing to plan it can hurt quite a bit. It does. When I first started I thought, ‘it’s only water’. But it hurts and it hurts a lot when you fall wrong. That hap­pens ev­ery day. The sec­ond you have fear, or think about some­thing too much, that’s when it goes hor­ri­bly wrong. If you tense up or try to pro­tect your­self, it ends up worse. I have bruises up and down my spine. What about when your head hits that water? I was do­ing a 5mdive and that’s really dif­fi­cult for me be­cause I have a fear of heights. Be­cause my hands were in the wrong po­si­tion the first thing that hit the water was my face. I just wanted to cry. What were your ini­tial thoughts on do­ing the show? Ev­ery­thing I’ve done in TV has been about glam­our — my TV show ( My Be­daz­zled Life) and on Danc­ing­with the Stars I was hid­ing be­hind se­quins. I gave the net­work ev­ery rea­son not to do this show and they gaveme ev­ery rea­son why they could fix my fears — like wa­ter­proof make-up spray, wa­ter­proof hair spray and so on. And then I thought, I love a chal­lenge, love the water and learn­ing new things so why not. I didn’t watch overseas ver­sions un­til I signed up. Then I thought, ‘oh my God, what did I get my­self into?’. I have a fear of heights. But I amopen to the idea of do­ing the 10m if my coach thinks I’m com­fort­able enough. Not in the first show, though. Did Ge­of­frey (hus­band Ge­of­frey Edel­sten) play any part in your de­ci­sion to do this? Ab­so­lutely not. I’m very stub­born. It’s like if he says, ‘baby, you don’t have to do this, don’t feel pres­sured’, I’m like. ‘what do you mean, I can do this’. I want to prove I’m strong. It’s a bit silly. Some­times I come home and he says, ‘why don’t you just drop out’ and as soon as he says that I’m like, ‘I’m not go­ing to quit’. He sees me come home when I can’t move, when I am­ab­so­lutely wrecked. He’s sup­port­ive. Has your dog Juddy been down to watch you train­ing? No, he’d be too much of a dis­trac­tion be­cause when I’m with him he’s the only thing on my mind. I think if he were there he’d be ter­ri­fied and jump in the water af­ter me. We don’t have a door on our shower (at home) and I can’t even take a shower with­out him coming in with me. It looks like you’ve been on a fit­ness cam­paign. I’ve lost more than 16kg. Last Anx­i­ety: Brynne Edel­sten, with dog Juddy, has a fear of heights spring when Ge­off was in court over a girl he may or may not have had an af­fair with, that was very, very stress­ful for me. I had no ap­petite be­cause I was stressed out of my mind. I lost a bit of weight and af­ter I thought I’m go­ing to keep go­ing­with this and kept go­ing to the gym and eat­ing prop­erly. You are well built, so in terms of div­ing . . . Are you talk­ing about my boobs? Yes. Do your boobs af­fect your div­ing in a good or a bad way? They don’t af­fect the div­ing, but be­cause it was breast aug­men­ta­tion and they’re not nat­u­ral, I do have some fear. My doc­tor said it’s a very se­ri­ous thing that can hap­pen. If I were to land wrong there is a chance it (im­plants) could go right back up into my armpit. So any­thing above three me­tres (on a board or plat­form), I have to strap it. My doc­tor showed me how to strap it. I have to strap un­der­neath and around the sides for ex­tra sup­port. I don’t pro­fess to be an ex­pert on the sub­ject, but you’re say­ing the im­plants could move? It’s not that they move on their own, but if I were to hit the water wrong, it would be more likely that if they were to move, they’d go back up into my armpit be­cause that’s where they were put in through. Is the up­side here that when you dive down deeply they help you resur­face a bit quicker? That’s funny. My brother said once if the boat went down he would just hold on to Brynne be­cause her im­plants would keep us all above water. Un­for­tu­nately it doesn’t work that way. I wish it did be­cause I hate be­ing un­der water and just want to get back up as soon as pos­si­ble. Celebrity Splash, Chan­nel 7 Mon­day, 7.30pm

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