Bored by re­peats

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I thought all th­ese new dig­i­tal chan­nels would pro­vide me an al­ter­na­tive to the crap on the main chan­nels but the crap has just moved. I’m sick of try­ing to find a chan­nel that doesn’t have an en­core of some show al­ready tele­cast on the main chan­nel. If I have to watch hours of mind­numb­ingly bor­ing en­cores of Neigh­bours, Home And Away, MasterChef, House Rules, and all the other rub­bish I avoid on the main chan­nels, I might as well get rid of my dig­i­tal set-top box and go back to rent­ing DVDs. If th­ese shows are so good why do you need to sat­u­rate us with hours of re­peats?

Steven, email

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