Tom Gleis­ner


Have You Been Pay­ing At­ten­tion ntion was a quite achiever ever for Ten last year, with its blend d of news and com­edy.

Ass the show w pre­pares ares to re­turn,n, host Tom Gleis­ner ner ex­plains ains what changes the Work­ing king Dog team has made to its win­ning for­mat.

Whatat have you been pay­ing at­ten­tion ntion to in the break be­tween een sea­sons? It’s such uch an in­tense pe­riod when we’ree mak­ing the show, we’re scan­ning ning ev­ery news­pa­per, mag­a­zine azine and gos­sip site. When n we stop shoot­ing I try and go a lit­tle bit news-free -free for a while. But it’s t’s very hard, isn’t it? t?

Have e you made any changes? ges? We al­ways lways try to come e up with a few sur­prises. rises. This new se­ries s is set in the South African an jun­gle … No, ap­par­ently rently the bud­get doesn’t al­low w that. It’s pretty much a case of busi­ness as usual. I mock up ques­tions ues­tions dur­ing the week and des­per­ately hope one of our contestants es­tants has looked at a news­pa­per pa­per in the past seven days. It’s a pretty sim­ple for­mat.

Will we see some new faces among ng the contestants? Ab­so­lutely. lutely. We have been ap­proachin­goach­ing — or more cor­rectly, ectly, stalk­ing — a bunch of peo­ple ople over the past few months. ths. There’s go­ing to be some e very in­ter­est­ing faces pop­ping ing up. What about celebrity quiz masters? That’s some­thing we’re goi go­ing to have a lit­tle bit more fun with this year. If any­one is in town and vaguely within walkin walk­ing dis­tance of the stu­dio we might getge them to join us.

Here’s hopin hop­ing The Bach­e­lorBache is back soon, then then… … And let’s not for­get The Bachelorette Bachelorette. BetweenTheBetween The Bach­e­lor and the Kar­dashian fam­ily, that’s ba­si­cally half ou our show showwrit­ten.writ­ten.

How do you choose contestants for the show show? We tend to just ask peo­ple we know and who would en­joy the way we work.

And there are no such thing things as a wrong an­swer so that helps make it eas­ier … It’s a very safe for­mat … and y you can never been­worse­been worse than S Sam Pang. There’s a floor be­low which you can’t drop in termsterm of your gen­eral knowl­edge.

Do you have a dream guest? Ju­lia Mor­ris. She was so good on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. One of our pro­duc­ers is in a car parked out­side her hous house at the mo­ment and we’ll see whether we can drag her on. She would be an ab­so­lute nat­u­ral nat­u­ral.


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