The fi­nal Re­venge: No hap­pily ever af­ter?


Re­venge is near­ing its on­screen end af­ter four sea­sons. But de­spite what fans of the show may want, if Nick Weschler has his way, Jack Porter and Emily Clarke/Amanda Thorne (Emily VanCamp) won’t have a fairy­tale end­ing.

“It’s tough, be­cause I know peo­ple want this happy end­ing but I think it’s not nec­es­sar­ily what’s best for the art,” he says.

“And I think view­ers could take it.

“That would be ideal for me, be­cause I feel it’s more real, it’s more adult. We’re all grown up. We can han­dle watch­ing this.”

Weschler’s Jack — Emily’s child­hood soul­mate — has spent the se­ries un­rav­el­ling the com­plex­i­ties of Emily/Amanda.

He’s loved her, hated her, been be­trayed by her, lied to by her, been pro­tected by her, had his heart bro­ken by her.

She may not have crossed him off her re­venge list, but Weschler says Jack has his own scars. Still, teas­ing the se­riesender, Weschler says: “You’ll get some sur­prises and you will get some trac­tion on Jack and Emily. It feels like a good way to end.”

But he would have been sat­is­fied with a “darker” fin­ish.

“They are both tor­tured souls but she is more tor­tured, be­cause she screwed him over,” Weschler says.

And while fans are clam­our­ing for Jack and Emily to end up to­gether, hap­pi­lyever-af­ter style, Weschler says he’d be dis­ap­pointed with that end­ing.

“I feel like if we get them to­gether then that’s it,” Weschler says.

“If that hap­pens there have been no real con­se­quences for what she has done to his life.

“He asked her to quit the re­venge path at the start of sea­son three. And she didn’t.

“It’s frankly a lit­tle weird that he’s still into her.

“I want ev­ery­one to still to still root for them to get to­gether. But I just per­son­ally pre­fer sto­ries where that feel more real.

“If they just got to­gether I would feel like she got to do what­ever she wanted, for how­ever long she wanted, never chose him, and then like a dope he’s like, ‘I’ll still take you’ when she’s fin­ished her other busi­ness.

“So I would pre­fer it doesn’t work some­how. Or it works but they are pulled apart some­how so that they lose each other.”


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